Chainsaw Man: Top 10 Strongest Devils.

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Chainsaw man is one of the hottest manga currently in Shonen Jump. Chainsaw Man series takes place in a world that is filled with devils. Devils are the embodiment of humanity’s fear of certain things. Devils range from simple things like Tomato, Cucumber etc to universally feared Hell, Darkness etc.

Ranking them based on their strength is highly difficult since most powers aren’t straight forward. But here we go!

10. Curse Devil

Current State: Devil

The severity of the contract gives an insight into the ability of a devil. Aki sacrificed several years in his life span for using Curse Devil and only had two years left after the fight against Katana Man.

When manifested Curse devil will pick up the target with its hand and mortally wound them by biting their shoulders and crushing the arms.

9. Bomb Devil

Current State: Hybrid

Bomb in general are highly feared by humans and it is no surprise that even a hybrid form of Bomb devil is immensely powerful. She can detonate her own skin as explosives to enhance the physical attacks.

She is physically very durable and strong as she can go toe to toe with Denji. Also Beam becomes highly agitated of her and goes to save Denji immediately which signifies her power.

8. Punishment Devil

Current State: Devil

Not much is known about the Punishment devil’s abilities. But the single important reason this is ranked this high is that Makima uses its ability as the primary weapon in her fight with Gun devil.

Humanity in general is afraid of punishment hence I think punishment devil is stronger than other devils which are based on tangible items.

7. Cosmos Devil

Current State: Fiend

Cosmos devil has one of the coolest ability in the series and the ability is also a visual treat. She can force the character to know everything in the universe. After this, the target can only think of Halloween till they die and render them in a semi-catonic state.

Her own personality is similar to this as she only say “Halloween”. I believe since people generally are afraid of the vastness of the universe, she is really powerful.

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6. Angel Devil

Current State: Devil

Angel devil’s ability is one of the most overpowered ones. By just touching a person, he can absorb the life spans of humans. Aki loses two months of his lifespan just by grabbing Angel’s hand. Angel is said to be the second strongest devil hunter besides Kishibe.

Angel can transform the taken life spans into weapons that has supernatural properties. Makima uses 1000 years to manifest a spear from his halo. The frightening thing about this ability is that the years gathered can be almost endless.

5. Hell Devil

Current State: Devil

From its name itself, Hell devil sounds extremely dangerous and powerful. I believe since most people don’t believe in Hell, it isn’t as powerful as the Darkness devil. Contract with the devil signifies how powerful they are.

Santa Claus sacrifices three children and one of her perfect dolls to use Hell devil’s power. Anti-Makima squad summons the Hell devil in its physical form in exchange for their lives. Denji manages to defeat the Hell devil pretty easily in his new chainsaw form but I still think it is very powerful then most devils.

4. Gun Devil

Current State: Devil/ Fiend

Gun devil was built up as the end game villain for half of the series. Thirteen years before the current story time, Gun devil launched attacks in several parts of the world leading to the death of 1.2 million lives. Its impact on human society led to increase in fear of devils overall.

Gun devil is insanely quick as it can travel several countries in minutes. Devils which consume Gun devil’s flesh enhances in strength immensely. Gun devil has the highest killings in human society to our knowledge. But it is eventually killed by Makima and later becomes a fiend using Aki dead body. It is eventually killed by Denji.

3. Control Devil

Current State: Devil

Next up on the list is the most intriguing character in the series, Makima. The extent of her abilities are mostly unknown yet. Makima has the ability to control anyone who she thinks is inferior to her.

She can use the abilities of other devils such as Angel Devil, Future Devil, Snake Devil, Punishment Devil, Zombie Devil etc. Barring Chainsaw Devil and Darkness devil she probably can control every introduced character in the series.

The damage done to her is transferred to a random Japanese citizen as per her contract with the Japanese PM. While USA president makes a contract with Gun devil to kill Makima in exchange for one year lifespan of every US citizens. She seems almost invincible and is one of the strongest devils we have seen in the series so far.

2. Darkness Devil

Current State: Devil

Darkness devil is one of the devil based on primal fears. One of Quanxi girls outright says that they are devils of primal fears that are several times more dangerous than some gun devil. She even wants to kill herself rather than face the Darkness devil.

With no real effort, he kills Beam, Stone devil, violence devil and even manages to subdue Makima. We know that the more the devil is feared the more powerful it becomes and most people fear darkness. Hence it isn’t surprising that Darkness devil is one of the most dangerous devils in existence.

1. Chainsaw Devil

Current State: Hybrid

Chainsaw Devil is an intriguing devil as we still don’t know the full info about its abilities and why it is in the physical world. Right from the start, huge number of people were after Denji’s heart. Purely on combat, Chainsaw doesn’t seem impressive like other devils like Control, Darkness etc but other factors allude to it being the strongest.

There are several proofs laid out in the series that suggest that Chainsaw Devil is the most dangerous of all. Chainsaw Devil is the only one that can erase Devils out of memory by eating them and making them incapable of reviving.

Angel devil informs that the last sound the devils hear in hell before reviving in earth is that of the sound of Chainsaw’s engine starting “Brroom”. This is the start of many lores about Chainsaw we hear throughout the series.

Chainsaw Devil erased the historical things such as Nazis, AIDS, Nuclear weapons etc by consuming their devil equivalent. When he was summoned into Hell by Hell devil, he straight up slaughters every devil there and returns to earth immediately.

So based on these I believe that Chainsaw Devil is the strongest devil in existence.

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Final Thoughts

There are several more devils that might make it to the list in future. Other primal fear devils and the devils like Nazis, Nuclear bombs, AIDS etc all might make an entry there considering all of them are heavily feared by humans. But as we haven’t been introduced to any of them I will stick to this list as of now.

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