Jujutsu Kaisen – Top 10 Strongest Characters In The Series

Jujutsu Kaisen has quickly established itself as one of the most popular series in recent times. One of its most outstanding traits is its power system: Cursed Energy. The complexity of the power system makes it so comparisons are not exactly linear, however, the author ensures to maintain a consistent idea of the character’s powers.

Honorable Mentions

  • Mahito
  • Hiromi Higuruma
  • Hana Kurusu (Angel)
  • Uro Takako
  • Maki Zen’in
  • Toji Fushiguro

Before getting to the top of the Jujutsu world, let’s talk about the characters who are at the cut-off. Despite how this may sound, these characters are extremely powerful, but each has a hindrance that separates them from the top. Mahito won’t be able to effectively use his curse technique against the top of the verse as he lacks physical capabilities such as speed to touch them. Higuruma is rather inexperienced in fighting and similarly lacking in physical capabilities.

We don’t know much about Angel, her ability of erasing other curse techniques is very powerful, but it’d be questionable to put her higher until we have more information. Any character who can be content with Okkotsu is bound to be very strong, and that’s precisely what Uro has been doing, however, recent developments have shown she was not as strong as other Sendai colony participants. Finally, both Maki and Toji are extremely powerful. However, they lack a way to avoid the effects of the powerful cursed techniques that the stronger characters possess.

10. Fumihiko Takaba

Cursed Technique: Comedian

Takaba is one of the new additions from the most recent and ongoing arc of the series: The Culling Games. He is one of the modern-day people who awakened their cursed technique through the help of Kenjaku. Having awakened his ability recently, he is very inexperienced. To the point, he is not even aware of the ability his cursed technique provides.

Despite all of this, he is at the top of the jujutsu world in terms of strength, why is that? The reason he is so high on this list is because of the ability his cursed technique provides. Comedian allows Takaba to bring situations he finds “funny” into reality. We have not seen the extent of this ability, but we have already seen him be immune to damage from an explosion that greatly injured characters like Fushiguro. And within the explanation of his ability, clarifies it can even affect Gojo Satoru. Which implies a ‘limitless’ extent.

Powers and Feats

  • Has a cursed technique that theoretically could create anything… that’s essentially it but that should be more than enough.

9. Ryu Ishigori

Cursed Technique: Unknown

Ryu Ishigori is yet another of the new characters introduced by the Culling Games. He was introduced as one of the top sorcerers in the Sendai Colony as he was in a deadlock with the other three top sorcerers. Ishigori is one of the sorcerers that got reincarnated through a pact with Kenjaku similar to Sukuna. After Yuta interfered in the Sendai Colony, we’ve had ample exposure to his abilities.

Despite not having a cursed technique perse, Ishigori can output the most amount of cursed energy at once, even surpassing Yuta in that regard. The difference between shooting cursed energy and using a cursed technique was explained towards the beginning of the story, and it was implied to be an inferior use of cursed energy. However, on the scale used by Ishigori, his attacks can be devastating, being able to seriously injure top-tier characters like Yuta or Uro with just one blast. On a narrative level, the fact he was the last standing enemy Yuta had to contend with, implies he is the strongest one out of the Sendai Colony opponents Yuta fought against.

Powers and Feats

  • Can shoot massive beams of cursed energy, these are called Granité blast.
  • Can divide a multitude of smaller beams as homing missiles with a considerable damage.
  • Has enough durability to endure Yuta’s and Rika’s attacks (Yuta is able to dispose of characters like Choso just with a couple of punches).
  • He has domain expansion but it was not disclosed what ability it has.

8. Hajime Kashimo

Cursed Technique: Unknown

Kashimo was one of the characters teased right before entering the Culling Games and we have yet to see him in action. He is also one of the sorcerers reincarnated by Kenjaku. There is next to nothing of information about Kashimo as of right now. However, the little we can go off of is enough to speculate a reasonable strength level. He acquired 200 points in the Culling Games and found his opponents underwhelming. He is currently looking for Sukuna, which implies a certain level of strength if you want Sukuna’s smoke. And based on where he is, he seems to be Hakari’s opponent in the second Tokyo Colony.

Because of the lack of information, one has to latch onto narrative arguments. Such as the fact his fight is being saved for last implies it is a more engaging and entertaining battle than the current one in the Sendai Colony. While Ishigori is very strong, Yuta was able to fight him alongside many other powerful sorcerers. Whereas Kashimo is set up to be Hakari’s only and main obstacle, so he would need to be more powerful to make up for the number difference.

Powers and Feats (Unknown)

7. Kinji Hakari

Cursed Technique: Unknown

One of the third years of Jujutsu High. Kinji Hakari was properly introduced right before the Culling Games and is currently participating in it. He is one of the students that Gojo thinks could surpass him, and Yuta says that Hakari is stronger than him when he gets serious. Hakari mentions that Gojo said his cursed energy is “rougher” than other people. It’s not known what this entails but Yuji says that his blows are “painful” independent of the strength behind him.

All this is impressive on its own, however, what puts him above the other characters is that he is ‘seemingly’ fighting Kashimo since they are the two most prominent characters in the second Tokyo Colony. This is not the safest assumption when regarding Jujutsu Kaisen, but, if they were to fight, the fact Hakari is on the protagonist’s side makes him the most likely candidate to win. Even if he is inferior to Kashimo entering the fight, perhaps he will improve by the end.

Powers and Feats

  • A “rougher” cursed energy
  • From the little we’ve seen of his technique, it seemingly allows him to create doors and close them around the opponent
  • A potential to surpass Satoru Gojo

6. Okkotsu Yuta

Cursed Technique: Mimicry

The strongest second year of Jujutsu High, he was the main character of the prequel and one of the four special grade sorcerers. Okkotsu Yuta has stunned readers with his performance so far in the Culling Games. The array of abilities at his disposal is just incredible and seemingly has no bounds. Despite him saying Hakari can be stronger than him, Okkotsu has a modest personality and this was also contradicted by Maki. Additionally, Okkotsu is classified as a special grade while Hakari is not.

Since his introduction into the series, Okkotsu has only provided more and more reasons to corroborate his strength. He disposed of Choso with just a couple of punches and defeated Yuji while playing with him, not to mention he has more cursed energy than Gojo. Since the Sendai Colony fight started, these reasons have only piled on. He alone disrupted the entire colony, essentially taking on all the big sorcerers of the colony. Some of which were on this list!

Powers and Feats

  • Largest amount of Cursed Energy in the series
  • This curse energy allows him to strengthen himself to the point he has similar or better physical stats than Yuji
  • Also is stated to have potential to surpass Gojo
  • Can use reversed cursed technique to heal himself
  • Can imbue others with reverse cursed technique (useful to efficiently kill curses)
  • Can use “Rika”, which is essentially a limited version of the actual Rika
  • This allows him to control what essentially is a very strong shikigami
  • Because he can store cursed energy in “Rika”, once he links with it, it refills his cursed energy
  • “Rika” also serves as an armory of cursed tools at his disposal
  • His cursed technique “Mimicry”, allows him to copy cursed techniques provided he fulfills certain requirements that have not been completely disclosed.
  • As of now, he has shown: Cursed Speech, Dhruv’s (a Culling Game player) technique, and Uro’s technique.
  • He is capable of using Domain Expansion but its ability was not shown

5. Suguru Geto

Cursed Technique: Cursed Spirit Manipulation

Geto was the main antagonist of the prequel and another one of the four special-grade sorcerers. In his youth, he was relative to Gojo in strength. His cursed technique allows for a very versatile move set and also to be able to overwhelm the enemy with numbers. Despite losing to an inexperienced Yuta in Volume 0, which may imply he should be lower than him, Yuta currently can only be at his peak strength for 5 minutes because his “Rika” is artificial.

When dealing with this level of opponents, Okkotsu would most likely need his full strength at all times, which tells Geto would only need to outlast him for 5 minutes, a task he is most likely capable of. This notion is just corroborated by statements of Kenjaku which suggest if Geto didn’t spread his curses he would have beaten Yuta.

Despite Geto’s strength, we know through Kenjaku that he never realized his full strength. And this is not ideal when going against experienced fighters of such a high level as the ones above in this list. Which leaves him at number 5.

Powers and Feats

  • Cursed Spirit Manipulation
  • Maximum Technique: Uzumaki
  • Really good hand to hand combat

4. Yuki Tsukumo

Cursed Technique: Unknown

Yuki is generally very detached from the story, she had been popping in and out for a while. And when she finally appeared properly in the story, she was left behind in Tengen’s room. Because of this, we don’t know much about her technique. But we know she was the oldest special grade sorcerer out of the four current ones. Meaning she most likely has an experience advantage on Geto. Other than that not much is known about her strength.

Narratively, she has been paired and contracted with Kenjaku, which might be set up for a fight. But that is too speculative. For now, we know she is somewhat relative to Geto but with more experience.

Powers and Feats (Unknown)

3. Kenjaku

(Current) Cursed Technique: Cursed Spirit Manipulation

Kenjaku is the mastermind behind the Culling Games and is the current main antagonist of the series. Through his innate technique, he is able to inhabit a body by placing his brain in it. This has allowed him to live through centuries, dating back to Sukuna’s time. He is currently inhabiting Suguru Geto’s body. Which does allow him to use his cursed technique. However, his immense amount of experience and superior use and understanding of the technique, make him a terrifyingly superior version of the already powerful Geto. Is as if he is a fully realized version.

In conclusion, he is Geto with a better understanding of Jujutsu techniques and greater experience. His superiority allows him to use Geto’s technique more proficiently, which culminates in the realization he is able to use the curse technique of the curses he absorbs in Uzumaki (thou these stop evolving once absorbed). We do not know how many or which techniques he has acquired through this, however, the one we know he has is Idle Transfiguration, a technique that by itself allowed Mahito to be an honorable mention.

Powers and Feats

  • Cursed Spirit Manipulation
  • Maximum Technique: Uzumaki
  • Really good hand to hand combat
  • All the techniques of the curses he consumes through Uzumaki
  • Vast experience, possibly the most in the series
  • Second best barrier user after Tengen

2. Ryomen Sukuna

Cursed Technique: “Unknown”

Sukuna, the king of curses and poisons, is the one who is set up as the main antagonistic force of the series. It is important to clarify the one taken into consideration is the 20 finger Sukuna. Sukuna has demonstrated three techniques; Dismantle, Cleave, and an unknown fire ability. Dismantle is just a standard cutting attack which seems to be an innate technique. Cleave a slashing attack that can adapt to the enemy. And the fire ability which he seemed to be able to use through copying Jougo’s technique but not much is known of this. Very powerful abilities just at 15 fingers.

Sukuna’s jump in strength may not seem much considering he is 5 fingers left from his full power. However, we know each finger is not a linear boost. Based on Jougo’s fight, where we see the difference between a “9 fingers level” curse and 15 fingers in Sukuna; we can assume the jump between fingers is considerable. Furthermore, he has the greatest domain expansion feat which is creating one without the need of a barrier, giving him the strongest domain expansion.

Powers and Feats

  • Dismantle
  • Cleave
  • Fire ability (potential mimicry ability)
  • Strongest of a time with a higher standard of strength
  • Best Domain Expansion seen to date

1. Satoru Gojo

Curse Technique: Limitless/Six Eyes

And to no one’s surprise, Gojo Satoru is the strongest character in the series (as of now). This has been bashed into the reader’s heads again and again. Gojo enjoys both of the Gojo Clan’s inherent techniques; the limitless and the six eyes. Without getting into specifics, limitless deals with infinities, while active, Gojo can’t be touched because as objects get closer, they slow down. He is able to create voids to pull objects toward a place, this is known as “Blue”.

His reverse technique does the opposite, pushing outwards, known as “Red”. The combination of these powerful techniques is the imaginary technique “Purple”. All this can only be used in combination with the six eyes, which allow him to understand and “see” curse energy on a different level, providing infinitely efficient use of curse energy.

Even beyond the technicalities, the narrative of Jujutsu Kaisen revolves around Gojo being the strongest. Kenjaku, the third strongest on this list, admitted to not having a chance against him and had to plan accordingly. Gojo is truly; The Strongest.

Powers and Feats

  • Limitless
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Six Eyes
  • Stated to be the strongest sorcerer
  • Extremely proficient Domain Expansion
  • Ability to open and close a domain in 0.2 seconds


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