Mob Pyscho 100 Arcs In Order

1. Spring of Youth Arc

Chapters: 1-4

We are introduced to the main characters Shigeo Kageyama (Mob) and Arataka Reigen. Mob is a naturally born esper trying to find his place in the world while Reigen uses Mob’s powers to run his business, the “Talk About Spirits Agency”.

In the first chapter of the story, Reigen is hired by Hanako to help with her ghost problem. He takes her and Taro to a nearby building, where they encounter the ghost that has been haunting Hanako. Reigen attempts to exorcise the ghost, but is unsuccessful and calls on his mentor, Mob, for help. Mob easily exorcises the ghost and Reigen thanks him, claiming that he only called him out to help teach Mob how to use his powers.

2. Cult Arc

Chapters: 5-9

Mob attends a meeting of a religious cult called LOL where the leader Lord Dimple uses his psychic powers to compel his followers to laugh. Mob joined it to become famous. But Mob didn’t laugh which made followers become concerned.

Dimple tries to make Mob reach an emotional peak by forcing him to laugh, but Mob becomes angry and destroys Dimple. The next day, Dimple reappears and wants to use Mob’s powers to make himself a god to the common people, but Mob refuses and asserts that psychic power does not make people superior to others. LOL members decide to follow Mob as a cult leader now.

3. Teruki Hanazawa Arc

Chapters: 10-19

Body Improvement Club refuses Onigawara’s proposal to fight a rival school. He then sets up a situation to get Mob captured by the rival school. This leads to a fight between the rival school’s delinquents.

Teruki Hanazawa, the natural esper leader of the rival school, defeats the Body Improvement Club and attacks Mob, who is unable to be harmed. Teru strangles Mob, knocking him unconscious which causes his power to act on its own and resulting in destruction of school building. When Mob comes to sense he feels regret and sadness for his actions.

4. Big Cleanup Arc

Chapters: 20-33

Ritsu, Mob’s brother is approached by various people who are interested in Mob’s powers but he tries to protect his brother by discouraging their involvement. Ritsu’s own psychic powers are later awakened and he begins to work with the spirit Dimple to hone his abilities. This arcs shows Ritsu struggling with his own feelings of inferiority and trying to find his place in the world as he navigates complex social dynamics at school and deals with his newfound powers.

5. 7th Division Arc

Chapters: 34-50

Ritsu has been taken by the esper terrorist organisation called Claw. Both Teru and Mob pay a visit to the Awakening Lab from where all the esper kids has been kidnapped by Sakurai.

Mob, Teru and Dimple arrived at the hideout, where Dimple quickly took possession of a Claw henchman. Despite all this, all three of them were eventually captured. Meanwhile, a mysterious boy defeated and captured Ritsu who had also broken out of his jail together with the esper kids.

6. Mob’s Girlfriend Mini-Arc

Chapters: 51-52

This arc explores the mini segment of Mob and Emi’s relationship. Emi, a girl proposed to Mob but Mob felt miserable. Mob and Emi went out, but it turned out she only went along because of a lost bet. Mob stands for her when she was getting teased and also fixed her town manuscript.

7. Urban Legend Arc

Chapters: 53-58

Reigen and Mob go on a trip to advertise their agency and solve urban legend myths. They encounter a rival psychic, Banshoumaru Shinra, and agree to investigate four myths together. They discover that the Kuchisake-onna, a yōkai manifested from people’s fear, is real and Mob is able to exorcise her due to his lack of social awareness and fear. The trip ends with Reigen creating a homepage for their agency.

8. Keiji Mogami Arc

Chapters: 59-67

Mob is bullied by high schoolers and is aided by Dimple, Ritsu, and the Body Improvement Club. He and Reigen then go to perform an exorcism for a rich man named Masashi Asagiri, who claims his daughter is possessed by an evil spirit. While many of the other psychics suspect that Asagiri is mistreating his daughter, Reigen notices inconsistencies in her conversation and the spirit reveals itself as Keiji Mogami, a former psychic.

9. Separate Ways Arc

Chapters: 68-73

Mob realizes that Reigen has been using him for his psychic powers and they go their separate ways. Reigen reflects on his lack of friends and his unsatisfying life, but decides to continue his business on his own. He starts filming exorcisms and uploading them online, offering free courses and advice to the public. As a result, his reputation improves and he becomes known as “Seasoning City’s bro.”

10. World Domination Arc

Chapters: 74-91

Mob returns home to find his house on fire and his parents and brother apparently murdered. Dimple reveals that the bodies are fake and Mob searches for espers, encountering members of Claw. He is eventually united with other characters, including Reigen, the esper kids from the Awakening Lab, and members of the 7th Division’s Scars. It is revealed that Claw is planning a major attack on the city and is eliminating any potential threats. Mob falls asleep after being comforted by Reigen.

11. Divine Tree Arc

Chapters: 92-97

The giant broccoli, also known as the Divine Tree, has gained worshippers who are vying for control of it. Mob is trying to figure out his future plans and is encouraged by Reigen to do what he thinks is right. Serizawa joins Reigen’s agency. Mob is also approached by a yōkai hunter named Haruaki Amakusa, who seeks help from Reigen to defeat the Great Yōkai King. The assignment is successful and the remaining yōkai are absorbed by the Divine Tree.

12. Telepathy Mini-Arc

Chapters: 98

Tome, a member of the Telepathy Club, becomes upset when she realizes that the club has not made any memories and will soon disband. The other members of the club realize how much the club means to Tome and go to Mob’s house to ask if he can do telepathy. Mob says he cannot, but Ritsu offers to contact some real telepaths to help.

13. ???% Arc

Chapters: 99-100

Mob is hit by a car while saving a child and severely injured, causing his psychic powers to go on an unstoppable rampage as he tries to confess to Tsubomi. Many characters, including Teruki, Sho, Toichiro Suzuki, and the Body Improvement Club, try to stop or calm him, but are unsuccessful. Mob’s conscience is eventually awakened by Teruki, but he still has no control over his body. Mob confronts his power, ???%, within his mindscape, but is slowly robbed of his self-identity by the entity.

14. Epilogue

Chapters: 101

Several months have passed and several characters, including Mob, Ritsu, and Kurata Tome, have achieved new positions and accomplishments. They gather at Reigen’s agency to celebrate his birthday with a surprise party, during which Reigen’s cake is flipped into his face and Mob is seen laughing happily.

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