One Piece: 50 Best Paramecia Devil Fruits Ranked

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Paramecia devil fruits are the most commonly found type of the devil fruits. The powers granted by paramecia varies greatly. I have tried to rank them based on the fruits’ combat abilities.

  • There are devil fruits which are highly useful in non combat things like spying, healing, time travel etc. But they aren’t ranked highly as they don’t provide combat power.
  • Also the devil fruits that let you produce things are generally ranked higher than body modification devil fruits.

50. Beri Beri No Mi

User: Very Good

This fruit allows the user to be immune to blunt attacks by turning into berry shaped balls. However it doesn’t provide great offensive power and also greatly susceptible to sharp objects.

49. Toge Toge No Mi

User: Zala / Miss Doublefinger

The devil fruit allows the user to create sharp spikes from any part of the body and the spikes can pierce through rocks. The fruit is versatile since it can be useful in both defense and offense but is weak in long range.

48. Mira Mira No Mi

User: Brulee

The devil fruit allows Brulee to create mirrors and also the mirrors can be used as portals to a pocket dimension. These mirrors can be used as a shield against enemy attacks and even reflect them back. They even have sentience as they can be asked questions.

47. Doa Doa No Mi

User: Blueno

Blueno can create a door on almost any solid surface so that they can enter through. It works even on living things and even on atmosphere itself and kind of gives the user a pseudo pocket dimension. Since it doesn’t give the user direct combat abilities it finds a place lower in the list.

46. Sui Sui No Mi

User: Senor Pink

This devil fruit allows the user to swim even in solid matters such as ground or walls. The devil fruit lacks in offensive capability hence it is lower on the list here.

45. Oshi Oshi No Mi

User: Morley

The devil fruit allows Morley to manipulate the ground based on his needs. Though it doesn’t provide great offensive ability it can affect the enemy’s footing. It can even allows him to tunnel through the ground adjusting the ground.

44. Kiro Kiro No Mi

User: Mikita

This devil fruit allows Mikita to change her weight from 1 Kilogram upto 10,000 Kilograms. She can fly by becoming light weight and crush the opponent by falling with full weight.

43. Scratchmen Apoo’s Unnamed Devil Fruit

User: Scratchmen Apoo

Apoo can attack his opponents using sound and music by the ability of his devil fruit. He can play notes and tunes that create soundwaves which can inflict physical attacks when heard. This devil fruit is very useful in long range attacks though can be countered by not hearing the sound.

42. Gomu Gomu No Mi

User: Luffy

Next on our list is our protagonist Monkey D.Luffy’s devil fruit. People often forget that how average Luffy’s devil fruit is. It provides him good defense against physical attacks and the stretching ability gives him an option for long range attacks. His physical strength is mostly due to his own ability than the devil fruit itself. Overall it is a pretty average devil fruit.

41. Bara Bara No Mi

User: Buggy

This fruit allows the user to be immune to be cut or pierced. He can even manipulate the pierced body parts to execute attacks. But he can be vulnerable to punches and kicks. Overall a decent devil fruit which is good defensively but lacks offensive powers.

40. Ato Ato No Mi

User: Giolla

This devil fruit allows Giolla to transform any target into an distorted art form. Even the weapons will be rendered useless. This is actually one of the most underrated devil fruits.

39. Supa Supa No Mi

User: Daz Bones

This devil fruit allows Daz Bones to change any parts of his body to steel. It makes him immune to slashes and other physical attacks. He can even slice things without having to touch them similar to air-based slices.

38. Suke Suke No Mi

User: Absalom/Shiryu

This devil fruit allows the user to be invisible and the user can also selectively turn anything they are in contact with invisible as well. This can be very useful in spying and infiltrations and can be useful even in combat.

37. Buki Buki No Mi

User: Baby 5

This devil fruit gives the user the ability to change any part of the body into a weapon. The user doesn’t take any damage due to weapon’s impact. The fruit is very versatile since any weapon can be generated by this.

36. Yomi Yomi No Mi

User: Brook

Brook devil fruit gives him another chance in life even after death. This devil fruit is really difficult to gauge as Brook now can summon the Chill of the Underworld but couldn’t initially when he ate it.

35. Kid’s Unnamed Devil Fruit

User: Eustass Kid

Kid has a devil fruit that makes him act like a magnet. He can attract and repel metallic objects as he wants. Since the majority of opponents in One Piece uses a sword or some metallic weapons, this can be very effective devil fruit in combat.

34. Ton Ton No Mi

User: Machvise

This is an improved version of Kilo Kilo devil fruit. The devil fruit user can increase their weights more than 10,000 Kilograms. The user is also susceptible of their own weight if they miss their targets.

33. Hana Hana No Mi

User: Nico Robin

This devil fruit allows Nico Robin to sprout multiple body parts on any surface. It can be used in surprise attacks since only the user knows where it will sprout. The disadvantage is that the injuries gained by sprouted body parts will affect the user too.

32. Urouge’s unnamed Devil Fruit

User: Urouge

Urouge is able to convert damage inflicted on him into strength resulting in muscles expansion and body size. He even manages to injure Pacifista but still vulnerable to lasers.

31. Shiro Shiro No Mi

User: Capone Bege

This devil fruit allows the user to create a fortress inside his body. The user can house massive number of peoples, weapons etc inside him. Bege can himself turn into a gigantic fortress shaped golem using this fruit.

30. Bata Bata No Mi

User: Galette

The devil fruit allows the user to create and control great amount of butter. The user can capture the opponents using the devil fruit since they are quite sticky and adhesive in nature.

29. Kuri Kuri No Mi

User: Opera

The devil fruit allows the user to create and control great amount of cream. The cream also has the power to inflict chemical burns when come in contact with. Hence the user can both harm and capture the opponents using the devil fruit.

28. Shibo Shibo No Mi

User: Smoothie

Smoothie can extract liquid from both living creatures and non living things. The fruit also extends to the weapons the user yields and also provides defense against poison. Smoothie can even become larger and heavier by drinking blasts of liquid.

27. Wara Wara No Mi

User: Basil Hawkins

The devil fruit has two different abilities. The fruit’s main ability is to create and manipulate straw by which the user can create a large straw monster. Another ability is that the user can create small straw dolls which is linked to another person akin to a voodoo doll. Hence the devil fruit has both great offensive and defensive powers.

26. Horu Horu No Mi

User: Emporio Ivankov

Ivankov can create hormones which can manipulate gender, body temperature, growth etc of a person. Other than that it also provides the user offensive abilities like Death Wink and Hell Wink. Ivankov manages to battle Magellan and Akainu and make it alive using the devil fruit powers.

25. Noro Noro No Mi

User: Foxy the Silver Fox

This devil fruit gives the ability to generate and emit beams of Photons known as “Noroma Photons”. These photos can slow down anything for thirty seconds. The major weakness of the fruit is that the user themselves aren’t immune to the beam.

24. Doru Doru No Mi

User: Galdino / Mr. 3

This devil fruit enables Mr.3 to create candle wax from their body and shape them based on his imagination. The produced wax is strong as steel and even manages to be resilient to acid. The biggest weakness of the fruit is that it is very susceptible to heat or flames.

23. Pero Pero No Mi

User: Perespero

The devil fruit allows the user to create and control huge amount of candies. The produced candy is strong enough to even hold down the Vinsmokes. He can use them as a vehicle to travel in water. But it is vulnerable to heat or fire.

22. Bari Bari No Mi

User: Bartolomeo

This devil fruit allows Bartolomeo to create invisible barriers or sometimes can be hardened to become visible. The barrier is strong enough to handle Elizabello’s punch and Oden’s attack (the same attack managed to injure Kaido). The devil fruit is also useful in offensive attacks too.

21. Hoya Hoya No Mi

User: Daifuku

The devil fruit allows Daifuku to summon a genie like creature to hep him in combat. Genie is very powerful enough to cut ships in half with a strike. As the user doesn’t need to battle themselves this devil fruit is a very powerful one.

20. Kage Kage No Mi

User: Moria

The devil fruit allows Moria to manifest shadows into a physical form. Using the shadows of others, Moria could create a Zombie army. Also Moria can manifest their own shadow to a semi-solid body with logia like ability. Similar to Daifuku’s fruit, this devil fruit user doesn’t need to battle themselves.

19. Fuwa Fuwa No Mi

User: Shiki

Shiki can control the movement of himself and non-living objects similar to Telekinesis. The size of the objects he can control extends to even warships and islands. The devil fruit is very versatile since the user can use them in various ways.

18. Ishi Ishi No Mi

User: Pica

This devil fruit gives the ability to merge and assimilate with any form of stone. Pica is able to take control of anything made of stone and in very large scale. The stone too gains immense flexibility and Pica can stretch and reshape in many number of ways.

17. Horo Horo No Mi

User: Perona

This devil fruit allows Perona to create ghosts known as Hollows. One form of Hollow makes a user become negative and lose their will power. Another one form of Hollow helps to create shockwave explosions. She can also create astral projections of herself as Hollow.

16. Bisu Bisu No Mi

User: Charlotte Cracker

This devil fruit allows Cracker to create large amount of biscuit materials. The biscuits are physically strong giving Cracker a strong defense. He can even create humanoid figures with biscuits and each have hard defense. Only drawback is that the biscuit soldiers are weak to water.

15. Ito Ito No Mi

User: Doflamingo

Doflamingo using this devil fruit can create sharp strings that can attach itself to even non-solid targets like clouds. The strings are really hard which were indestructible even by the top level fighters in Dressrosa. Though it is unclear whether the sharpness and the hardness is due to Doflamingo’s talent or devil fruit’s natural property.

14. Pamu Pamu No Mi

User: Gladius

The devil fruit allows the user to cause the inorganic materials they touch to swell up, then rupture and explode violently. Even the user can also apply it to themselves but remain unharmed from the explosion. One drawback of this
is that he cannot injure living things.

13. Bomu Bomu No Mi

User: Gem / Mr.5

The user can turn any of their body parts into a bomb with no harm done to the user. It also gives him immunity to other types of explosions targeted towards them. He can create large explosions with just his dried snot and that shows that this fruit has an exponential potential with it.

12. Jewelry Bonney’s unnamed Devil Fruit

User: Jewelry Bonney

Jewelry Bonney’s devil fruit allows her to change the age of both herself and also the others. It is one of the most underrated devil fruits. If you think about it, Bonney just needs to touch the opponents to regress them to their child version.

11. Netsu Netsu No Mi

User: Oven

The user is capable of heating parts of their body to temperatures greater than most people can withstand. This greatly aids them in a confrontation. They can transfer the heat to other objects, most notably the opponents’ weapons, making them too hot to wield. This transfer of heat can even happen without physical contact, as demonstrated when Oven seemingly projected heat energy to set a gun ablaze.

10. Kira Kira No Mi

User: Jozu

This devil fruit allows the user to turn in to diamond, giving them an impenetrable body. Jozu manages to take slash from Mihawk with no problem. Since diamond is one of the most hardest material in the material, Jozu possesses almost perfect defense.

9. Nikyu Nikyu No Mi

User: Bartholomew Kuma

This devil fruit allows the user to push the things he touches and send them flying at an extremely high speed. Both tangible things like people, objects and intangible things like air can be repelled by it. Both defensive and offensive capabilities provided by this devil fruit are very powerful.

8. Mero Mero No Mi

User: Boa Hancock

This devil fruit allows the user to transform those who lust or love after the user into stone in varying degrees by using their “dirty thoughts”. Petrification can also be achieved through physically striking an opponent. If the intended targets have no sense of lust or cannot see her then the powers are nullified.

Whether this devil fruit will work as effectively as it does with Boa if consumed by less attractive person is unknown. Also smoker didn’t petrify in Marineford when fighting against Boa and that arises the question if it can be restricted by stronger will power.

7. Mochi Mochi No Mi

User: Katakuri

Logias are automatically S-Tier devil fruits making them practically intangible without Haki. As a “special” Paramecia, this fruit’s ability to transform into mochi is analogous to the elemental transformation of a Logia. Thus, the user is intangible against attacks that are not imbued with Busoshoku Haki. It has a weakness against liquids that makes mochi lose its stickiness though but still a overpowered devil fruit.

6. Doku Doku No Mi

User: Magellan

This fruit’s major strength is that it grants the user the ability to produce and control various types of poison. It allows the user to cover the body completely in poison at will. The user appears to have full control of any poison they release, whether it be in liquid or gaseous form. The special Kinjite poison that the user can produce, however, is so potent that it is able to bypass the wax which was capable of restricting the normal poison.

Fire can handle this fruit ability to certain extent and some substances like wax may act as natural deterrant. Magellan could took care of all the escapees in the impel down just by his devil fruit powers alone. He took all the Blackbeard’s crew down with just one move.

5. Zushi Zushi No Mi

User: Fujitora

A devil fruit that allows the user to pull down meteors from the skies deserves its place high up in the list. It gives the ability to create gravitation forces that can go in any direction. The user is able to move about living things and objects with little effort, ranging from debris to send flying against an enemy in smaller or massive numbers. It allows the user to fly by manipulating gravity.

4. Soru Soru No Mi

User: Big Mom

Soru Soru no Mi allows a user to take fragments of humans’ souls into a tangible substance, thus reducing the target’s lifespan and the amount is determined by the devil fruit user. Victims can be killed immediately if they loses many years at once. By injecting souls in inanimate objects and animals they can be humanized thus giving ability to create armies of soldiers.

Despite these there were few weaknesses of this fruit. A person whose soul has to be extracted need to be afraid of the devil fruit user and the devil fruit by itself doesn’t provide any physical defense or offensive ability. Hence an average person will find it hard to exploit the devil fruit powers to maximum use due to these weaknesses.

3. Ope Ope No Mi

User: Trafalgar Law

Simply overpowered and undoubtedly one of the most powerful devil fruits of all types. It allows its user to create a spherical space or “room”, in which the user has complete control over the placement and orientation of the objects inside.

The user can also release spatial energy in the form of high-voltage shocks and create spatial energy blades that can bypass physical flesh. It possess immense medical purposes as it has the ability to to cure any types of diseases. Using this one can grant immortality to another although it comes at devil fruit users’ life.

2. Gura Gura No Mi

User: Whitebeard / Blackbeard

Oda in a SBS Volume 58 stated that “Gura Gura no Mi” is the most powerful of all the paramecia fruits. Sengoku has stated that Whitebeard holds the power to destroy the world.

The major strength granted by this fruit is its ability to generate massive vibrations, or shockwaves, which can travel through virtually any medium, including the ground, the seafloor and even the air. This devil fruit allows one to create even Tsunami waves. Even Black beard who uses it for the first time almost destroys the island with its power.

1. Hobi Hobi No Mi

User: Sugar

This is the most broken and the most powerful paramecia devil fruit in the whole One piece world and also the most underrated devil fruit. Oda had to make a kid eat this devil fruit or else the person who eats it would have been unstoppable for anyone.

This fruit allows the user to transform people into toys by just touching them and also erasing the target’s memories of their existence. The user just has to touch a person to turn him into toy without memory.

It also provides eternal youth to the user and stays at the same age they eat the fruit thus can be implied the user cannot die of old age. It is unclear whether Haki can counter this devil fruit but still belongs to top of S-Tier.

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Final Thoughts

The definition of “best” is highly subjective. I tried to rank the devil fruits based on the combat abilities and hence some really useful devil fruits like Healing fruit, Viola’s fruit failed to make the cut. So leave your opinion on the comments section.

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