Best Jujutsu Kaisen Arcs – All Arcs Ranked.

Jujutsu Kaisen has quickly established itself as one of the most popular series in recent times. The power system, fights, characters, and emotional moments in the series are some of the best in the modern Shonen series.

I have ranked the arcs from worst to best here.

11. Cursed Training Arc

Chapters: 10 – 18

This arc happens post-Yuji’s revival and Gojo decides to hide Yuji for a while to train him into becoming a proper Jujutsu sorcerer. Meanwhile Megumi and Nobara train with the second years for a match with Kyoto Jujutsu High. Gojo also fights a cursed spirit Jogo and completely overpowers him.

As the name suggests, this arc is a training arc by all means. Stakes aren’t high and this was a transition arc hence it is ranked pretty low.

10. Itadori’s Extermination Arc

Chapters: 137 – 143

In the aftermath of the Shibuya Incident, Itadori is ordered to be executed by the higher-ups and Yuta Okkotsu is appointed for it. Meanwhile, Megumi becomes the head of the Zenin family based on Naobito’s will. Angered Naoya Zenin goes to kill both Yuji and Megumi. These circumstances resulted in a fight between Choso and Naoya, and between Yuji and Yuta.

This is a solid arc with nothing crazy happening. There are other arcs with much better character work and emotional storytelling in them. Also, Yuta saving Yuji was expected so it diminished the fight for me.

9. Death Painting Arc

Chapters: 55 – 64

In the Death Painting arc, Yuji, Nobara, and Megumi investigate the mysterious deaths that were happening related to the Yasohachi bridge. They encounter two incarnated Cursed Womb brothers in their missions. Also, talks about promoting the students happen in this arc.

The best thing about this arc is that it humanizes the Cursed wombs. The genuine care for each other and their cries during death greatly affected Yuji Itadori and Nobara.

8. Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

Chapters: 32 – 54

Both Kyoto High and Tokyo High participate in the Kyoto-Sister Goodwill event where they battle in a series of Jujutsu battles. Kyoto High was given the secret task of assassinating Yuji Itadori. Meanwhile, in the end, the game is interrupted by Mahito’s faction of curses.

This arc did a great job of introducing Kyoto High students with Aoi being the highlight. Also, the tournament arc between the good guys is never my favorite since they end up being inconsequential but this arc did bring the stake up by having Yuji Itadori’s assassination plot and Cursed Users’ intervention.

7. Fearsome Womb Arc

Chapters: 1 – 9

This arc is the first arc in the series and it introduces Yuji Itadori who accidentally eats Sukuna’s vessels. Both Yuji and Nobara are sent on a mission in an abandoned building in Tokyo. Later Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara go to West Tokyo City to rescue survivors from a cursed womb of a potential special grade curse. Later Sukuna takes Yuj’s body and fights Megumi.

This arc is a perfect start to the series. Each of the main characters is unique and this arc did a good job of showcasing it.

6. Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc

Chapters: 159 – 173

In this arc, both Yuji and Megumi try to find and convince Hiromi Higurama to help their cause in the Culling game. In their quest, Megumi encounters Reggie Star’s group while Yuji meets Higurama.

Chapter 159 is one of the best standalone chapters in the series. The amount of work done for Higurama in that single chapter exemplified Gege’s storytelling skill. Just for the character work done for Higurama, I rank this arc higher in the list.

5. Vs. Mahito Arc

Chapters: 19 – 31

In this arc, Yuji Itadori joins Nanami to investigate Mahito’s trail of transfigured human corpses. Also, a student named Junpei joins Mahito which leads him on a dark path.

Nanami is a fan favorite and this arc focused heavily on him. The character journey of Junpei was sad and explores humanity’s weaknesses. All the fights were great and Mahito was established as a ruthless villain. It also provided a great setup for the Yuji-Mahito dynamic which was expanded in future arcs.

4. Cursed Child Arc

Chapters: Volume 0

Cursed Child arc is a prequel to the main story and it follows Yuta Okkotsu’s journey as he enrolls in Jujutsu High to unravel the mystery behind Rika. Meanwhile, Geto plans a terrorist attack to kill all non-sorcerors.

This arc is a perfect prequel to the series. Yuta Okkotsu and Geto are two of the most important characters in the main story and this arc provides great depth to them. Suguru Geto is an amazing villain and my only issue with the arc is the length of this arc. It felt short and I would have liked a much bigger role for Geto while he was alive.

3. Perfect Preparation Arc

Chapters: 144 – 158

In this arc, the students and the allies prepare for the Culling game organized by Kenjaku. Yaga is killed by Gakukanji for inciting the Shibuya incident while Maki annihilates the entire Zenin clan for their treatment of Mai and herself.

Maki is one of my favorite female side characters of all time. The idea of destroying an entire family instead of following the traditional route of forgiveness is something I didn’t expect. It genuinely blew my mind. Also, the death of Yaga was quite sad and the effects of the Shibuya incidents are was heavily felt.

2. Shibuya Incident Arc

Chapters: 80 – 136

Shibuya arc follows the story of Fake Geto’s plan to seal Satoru Gojo in Shibuya. Gojo gets sealed very early in the arc and the remainder of the arc revolves around retrieving Prison Realm in which Gojo was sealed.

Making Gojo the strongest in the verse and sealing him away is a great storytelling idea. The arc had high stakes throughout and the feeling that anyone can die was thrilling. All the sacrifices were genuinely emotional and heartfelt and Nanami’s death is the saddest moment in the series.

Overall the setting, fights, emotional moments, and character development of the characters during the course of the arc are perfect. The only reason I placed it second is that I did feel it could have made the losses sink in more instead of fights on every page.

1. Gojo’s Past Arc

Chapters: 65 – 79

Gojo’s past arc tells the story of Gojo’s High school time and it also shows Geto’s origin story. They were tasked to retrieve Amanai, the Star Plasma Vessel while two separate groups tries to stop the merger of Tengan with Amanai.

Both Shibuya and Gojo’s past arc is interchangeable but for me, this arc was perfect without any flaws. This arc balanced perfectly between fights and character moments while other arcs skewed more toward fights without breathing space. Geto and Toji are my favorite antagonists and I liked this arc focused greatly on them.


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