Top 15 Best Tokyo Ghoul Arcs Ranked

Following is the list of best arcs in the Tokyo Ghoul Anime.

15. Nishiki Arc

Chapters: 4 to 9

NIshiki arc revolves around Kaneki who is coming to terms of his new life as ghoul. In this arc he has to save his best friend, Hide, from Nishiki Nishio, a ghoul. Later he meets Touka who decides to help Kaneki adjust to his new life as a ghoul. Kaneki goes to Anteiku Cafe where he stays to establish a life as both a human and a ghoul.

14. 24th Ward Raid

Chapters: 117 to 143 in Tokyo Ghoul:re

 The clown attack is successfully repelled, and Ken Kaneki’s penetration into the CCG lab is bearing fruit: Akira Mado comes to his senses after an operation involving RC depressants. Those who had been separated are reunited, and those who had held grudges against one another are at peace. At the same time, Kichimura Washu, the new director of the CCG, takes immediate action, staging a spectacular execution of Haise Sasaki and committing the ghoul-freeing of Tokyo to new human-ghoul hybrids known as Oggai, who achieve impressive achievements. The Kose is forced to retreat to the 24th district as a result of their action, but Kichimura has other ideas and is already planning a large-scale raid which makes it third on the list.

13. Dragon War Arc

Chapters: 144 to 179 in Tokyo Ghoul:re

Next on the list is the Dragon war arc. The operation “Kill the Goat” is a success: the One-Eyed King is defeated, and the majority of the ghouls are destroyed. Kichimura Washu’s intention, on the other hand, was not this. Ken Kaneki on the other hand is depressed and he destroys and devours the Oggai he was supposed to feed.

Due to the large amount of rinkaku-kakuho he ate and the Rc-cells he received, his body mutates into a giant monster that sweeps away everything in its path, he emerges to the surface and wreaks havoc and destruction in Tokyo’s streets. Kichimura resigns as CCG director, happy with the outcome and the appearance of his Dragon. Humans and ghouls have no choice but to band together in the face of a common enemy.

12. Gourmet Arc

Chapters: 31 to 46

One of the well-known ghouls, Shu Tsukiyama, often known as Gourmet, pays a visit to Anteiku’s cafe. Despite the fact that he is not welcome at the organization, he attracts Ken Kaneki’s attention with his aroma. Following that, he makes every effort to get closer to him, eventually inviting him to a “place for the elect.” He agrees, recalling a previous conversation with Itori in which she requested information about the Ghoul Restaurant. Kaneki, on the other hand, has no idea that he will not be a visitor at all. This arc is way too interesting and many new things get revealed making it at 8th place on our list.

11. Clown Siege/CCG Lab Infiltration Arc

Chapters: 99 to 116 in Tokyo Ghoul:re

After the attack on Kokuriya and the operation on Rusim. Former Kokuriya captives, the remnants of the Aogiri Tree, and the deserted Arima Zero Squad join Ken Kaneki and his old colleagues from the:re coffee shop. The protagonist sets himself the objective of carrying out the former One-Eyed King’s wish and creating a world where humans and ghouls can live in peace. He accomplishes this by forming a mixed organization dubbed “Black Goat.” In turn, Souta Vashu Furuta, who was appointed to the position of director of CCG by the previous chairman, is putting together his ideas and putting them into action right away.

10. Nutcracker Investigation Arc

Chapters: 10 to 16 in Tokyo Ghoul:re

Torso’s inquiry is put on hold as the attempt to capture Torso is disrupted and the whole Shimoguchi group is annihilated by the SS-ranked ghoul known as the Black Rabbit. The Nutcracker, a strange female ghoul that preys on males and eats their testicles, becomes the Quinx Squad’s new target. During the investigation, it was discovered that the Nutcracker is linked to the Ghoul Restaurant and that the Nutcracker is kidnapping individuals for Big Madam, who organizes auctions where the kidnapped victims are then sold. Sasaki’s internal conflict continues at the same time, and is intensified by his visit to a cafe called “:re.” Haise is compelled to remember everything, but he is also terrified, for he believes that he will vanish. Meanwhile, the Aogiri Tree makes its presence known once more, preparing for its next move.

9. Introduction Arc

Chapters: 1 to 3

The main character, Ken Kaneki, scores a date with a gorgeous girl named Rize Kamishiro in the current universe of Tokyo, Japan, where man-eating ghouls abound. To Kaneki’s horror, she turns out to be one of these ghouls who has set her sights on him as her next meal. A freak accident happens and as a result the ghoul dies, but her organs are put inside Kaneki to save him but ends up making him a half-ghoul.

This is a solid start to Tokyo ghoul and does a great job in establishing the world and the main charcater.

8. Torso Investigation Arc

Chapters: 1 to 9 in Tokyo Ghoul:re

It picks up two years after the original series’ conclusion, introducing protagonist Haise Sasaki and his Quinx squad. The inexperienced team takes on their first significant case, investigating “Torso,” a serial killer.

7. Raid on Kanou’s Lab Arc

Chapters: 95 to 107

Starting with the raid on Kanou’s lab arc, Kaneki, accompanied by his minions, pursues Maiko Abe and captures him, whom he then interrogates. She tells him where the mansion is, and where Akihiro Kano’s laboratory is located. Ken is approached by a scientist as he descends underground and discovers a horrifying reality.

6. Doves’ Emergence Arc

Chapters: 10 to 30

The arc has the first-ever appearance of CCG by their two members known as doves. Kureo Mado and Koutarou Amon, two CCG dove investigators, arrive in Tokyo’s 20th ward to track down the Fueguchi ghoul family’s mother and daughter. Ryouko Fueguchi, the Fueguchi mother, finds refuge at Anteiku in order to safeguard her daughter Hinami. However, she falls victim to the investigators,  leaving the orphaned Hinami in the care of the Anteiku ghouls. Kaneki, on the other hand, shows off the fruits of his ghoul training with Touka by breaking Amon’s quinque. Kaneki is subsequently able to get Amon to flee after proving to the investigator that he is a ghoul who does not intend to kill him through tearful begging. On the other hand, Mado confesses to Touka that he has turned Ryouko into a quinque weapon for CCG, causing Hinami to dramatically break down. This enrages Touka, who decides to go all out on Mado. Hinami, on the other hand, intervenes and displays her dual-parent kagune, which severely injures the investigator.

5. Auction Mopping-Up Operation Arc

Chapters: 17 to 31 in Tokyo Ghoul:re

Auction Mopping-Up Operation Arc follows the Auction Mopping-up operation which was a large-scale CCG operation against the Auction event organized by the Madams. CCG’s investigators were given two tasks of extermination of the ghouls inside the Zeum hall and rescue of the civilians.

4. Aogiri Tree/11th Ward Battle Arc

Chapters: 47 to 79

The fourth on the list is the Aogiri arc. When the Aogiri ghouls find out that Kanek is a One-Eyed Ghoul, they kidnap him and use him to replace Rize. Kaneki had been tied up and subjected to unending torture by Yamori, to the point that his hair had turned white from the stress. Rize appears in Kaneki’s head during the torture to assist him in confronting issues from his history, such as admitting that his mother wasn’t the kind woman, he always thought she is.

After reaching a breaking point, Kaneki chooses to accept his ghoul form and stop being the guy who gets walked on. As Kaneki breaks free and battles Yamori, Kaneki eats his Kakujya kagune. Skirmishes between CCG and Aogiri rage around the hideout, and Kaneki reunites with his Anteiku rescuers. He does, however, tell the ghouls that he will not be returning to Anteiku since he has things he wants to get done outside of the café.

3. Third Cochlea Raid/Rushima Landing Operation

Chapters: 60 to 98 in Tokyo Ghoul:re

Cochlea’s defence was breached by a rogue team of ghouls led by Ayato Kirishima at pre-dawn on December 19th, the seventh day of the Rushima Landing Operation, while former investigator Haise Sasaki liberated its detainees. Their main purpose was to free Hinami Fueguchi, who was being held captive in Cochlea. During the attack, many persons and parties, including Eto Yoshimura, Nimura Furuta, V, and the Clowns, make their separate actions.

2. Owl Suppression Operation Arc

Chapters: 122 to 142

One of the finest arcs of the Anime is the owl oppression arc and that is the reason for putting it in the second place. Investigators learn about One-Eyed Owl and where she hides. Koma and Irimi greet the CCG raid team, led by Director Yoshitoki Washuu, at Anteiku’s entrance, having reverted to their ghoul selves as the Devil Ape (Koma) and the Black Dog (Irimi). Anteiku’s ghoul reinforcements arrive to support Koma and Irimi, and the struggle between Anteiku and the CCG begins.

As they begin to slay the initial waves of Investigators, Yoshimura also comes on the battlefield. Kaneki, on the other hand, is compelled to fight Amon to the point where the Investigator’s current quinque is broken. Kuroiwa creates an opportunity by cutting off the Owl’s other arm, and Shinohara takes out a secret quinque made by Kureo, which they use to deal the ultimate blow on Yoshimura. However, Yoshimura’s original One-Eyed ghoul kid appears to protect its father before they can celebrate their victory. As Arima and his squad come to take over for the Investigators who have been fighting the second Owl, the combat continues. Arima fights the second Owl until the ghoul realizes he is in danger and flees with Yoshimura to a safe spot. The operation is finally over, with 99 percent of the ghouls defeated.

1. Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation Arc

Chapters: 46 to 59 in Tokyo Ghoul:re

This arc covers the operation launched by the Commission of Counter Ghoul to eliminate the members of the wealthy Tsukiyama family. The original operation targeted the Tsukiyama Estate, with the intention of eliminating the Tsukiyama Group’s president and his family. Then the story progressed to the Luna Eclipse, with the goal of exterminating the Tsukiyama heir apparent.

This arc is perfect in everything and it even made it to 15th place in our list of best Manga arcs ever. Characters, emotional moments, tension, stakes, and the story were all groundbreaking in this arcs


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