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  1. The Long Ring Long Land is the worst, as someone who watched the whole series multiple times, I assure you it’s the most pointless and boring arc yet. Other than that, Thriller Bark is quite bad too, compared to the other arcs. It belongs way below it’s given position in this rank. Other than that, I could maybe swap out a few, but without changing their general position too much, only those two I disagree completely.

    1. Thanks for commenting.
      When I was rereading the series I found the Long Ring Long Land to be funny at least whereas Syrup Village was very slow and boring. Also, the whole early One Piece is slow talk is definitely due to Syrup Village and hence I put it last.
      I really like the high points of the thriller bark arc like the comedies, the end Kuma moments, Laboon, etc, and hence I put it high.

      1. I’m still watching the series and just finished Enies Lobby but I very much would rather watch Syrup Village again than ever have to see Skypiea.

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