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  1. The Long Ring Long Land is the worst, as someone who watched the whole series multiple times, I assure you it’s the most pointless and boring arc yet. Other than that, Thriller Bark is quite bad too, compared to the other arcs. It belongs way below it’s given position in this rank. Other than that, I could maybe swap out a few, but without changing their general position too much, only those two I disagree completely.

    1. Thanks for commenting.
      When I was rereading the series I found the Long Ring Long Land to be funny at least whereas Syrup Village was very slow and boring. Also, the whole early One Piece is slow talk is definitely due to Syrup Village and hence I put it last.
      I really like the high points of the thriller bark arc like the comedies, the end Kuma moments, Laboon, etc, and hence I put it high.

      1. I’m still watching the series and just finished Enies Lobby but I very much would rather watch Syrup Village again than ever have to see Skypiea.

        1. Oh on which episode are you on right now, I have also started this anime just recently I am on alabasta arc nearly 120 or so episode

  2. I started watching One Piece a few weeks ago and I’ve been using this list as a constant reference to know which arcs and sub-arcs I’m watching since you break it down by episodes. It helped get me psyched for watching Water 7 and Ennies Lobby when I saw they were in your top 3. I’ve mostly avoided reading the descriptions until AFTER I watch the arcs, but I appreciate that what I have read in advance is largely spoiler-free.

    I’m almost done with Saobody Archipelago and it is personally my favorite sub-arc so far because I never expected One Piece to go so dark (and the introductions of the supernovas got me sooo hyped). My only real complaint about your list so far is that you didn’t include the Pirate Docking as a notable moment from Thriller Bark. Anime almost never makes me laugh out loud, but I laughed so hard at the ultimate robot and Robin’s reaction that I immediately rewound it just to watch it again. Thanks for making this list though as it has come in handy for me as a new viewer and fan of One Piece.

      1. That’s so cool! This made my day. ☺️ I wanted to leave a comment so that you could know that the writing and research you did for this piece is both read and appreciated.

  3. I guess I’m seriously in the minority… but I hated Marineford. Moreso in the anime, but I wasn’t best fond of it in the manga either.
    The pacing was utterly atrocious. It was something like 18 hours, most of which consists of Luffy running in a straight line, shouting “ACE!” a lot and getting knocked back over and over again…
    It was genuinely the first point in the series where I started fast-forwarding through chunks of episodes because most of it was pointless time-filler.
    Making matters worse, it was part of a single driving course of action Luffy took all the way from Amazon Lilly through Impel Down and finally inordinate hours of running about 10 metres across ice only for it to come to nothing because a guy literally made of fire got burnt to death by hot rocks. The stupidity of it is matched only by the utter pointlessness of it. Ace’s death is more ignoble and ridiculous than Kirk’s death in Star Trek Generations.

    Honestly, I think Marineford probably is the worst official arc in the anime. Having carefully considered, the only arcs I hate more are all anime-exclusive filler arcs (and not even all of those). is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.