Promised Neverland Best Arcs Ranked

9. Cuvitidala Arc

Chapters: 96 to 112

In this arc, Emma and her team return to the shelter. Since the demons of Goldy Pond are defeated, the team focuses on decrypting the ancient clues in Cuvitidala. Andrew who works for Ratri and his team ambushes their shelter and a fight ensues. The team of Emma, Ray, and others try to escape to safety.

It’s not a bad arc by any means. The moral dilemma Emma faces due to Andrew was a great moment. Andrew was quite terrifying as a villain in the small time he was there.

8. King of Paradise Arc

Chapters: 113 to 130

In this arc, Emma, Ray, and the team arrive at the Paradise Hideout where they reunite with Norman again. It is revealed that Norman is trying to exterminate the entire demon race while Emma and Ray set out on a journey to reforge the Promise with “The One” to avoid the extermination of demons.

This is the first arc where there is an idealogical difference within the group. The internal conflict made this arc quite interesting. Norman was interesting as this mastermind that is calculating the destruction of the entire demon race itself. Emma too shined and stuck to her principles thought it meant going against her friend.

7. Seven Walls Arc

Chapters: 131 to 145

In this arc, Emma and Ray try to solve the mysteries behind the Seven Walls and also get through the maze created by “The One”. They are trying to reforge the promise by meeting “The One”. At the same time, Norman asks Don and Gilda to search for Mujika and Sonju to save them. The true intentions of Norman are unclear by this point.

The mysteries, lore, revelations, etc revealed in this arc were quite engaging. The history and truth about the demon and human world was satisfying. The detective kind of storytelling worked quite well for this arc. Emma too truly shined in the arc during her conversation with “The One”.

6. Imperial Capital Battle Arc

Chapters: 146 to 159

In this arc, Norman and his group begin their plan of exterminating the demons in the royal capital. Also, Geelan works with Norman to get revenge on Queen Legravalima. A battle starts that serves as a catalyst to reveal Legaravalima and the royal family’s secrets and dark past. Muijka’s role in the demon’s society is emphasized in this arc.

This is the culmination of the major conflicts that was built and it was delivered well. Demon characters such as Geelan, Legravalima, Mujika, etc shined in this arc. The conclusion to the demon conflict was quite nuanced and it was fitting for the story.

5. Search For Minerva

Chapters: 53 to 74

This arc happens after the group meets Sonju and Mujika and learns a bit about the outside world. Emma, Ray, and the rest of the children discover Shelter B06-32. They meet a man called Yugo with whom they want to work together to find the mysterious Willaim Minerva. It is revealed that the mysterious man escaped from another orphanage 13 years ago and is living alone losing all his friends.

Yugo was an interesting character and the idea that there are several other orphanages and normal humans living outside added to the world-building. The internal conflicts and the looming threat of the demons made this a solid arc.

4. Promised Forest Arc

Chapters: 38 to 52

This arc takes place after the escape from Grace Field orphanage. This arc revolves around the escape of Emma, Ray, and the other children through the Demon Forest. They meet two friendly demons Sonju and Mujika. They get to learn a lot about the outside world and also history.

The worldbuilding and lore from this arc were really good. Also, the idea that not all devils eat humans added much more nuance to the story. The suspense, horror, and thrill elements continued just like the first arc and it was enjoyable to read.

3. Return to Grace Field Arc

Chapters: 161 to 181

This is the final arc of the series and it tells the aftermath of the fall of the royal family and the death of the Queen, and the five Head Regents. Sonju and Mujika try to find suitable candidates to reign over the demon world. Meanwhile, Peter Ratri tries to rule over the demon world himself by kidnapping all the orphans. Emma and the group return to the Grace Field where everything started. Finally, everyone reaches the human world but Emma disappears to a different place with no memory of the past.

The climax of Promised Neverland is really mature. The idea of Emma losing her memories in exchange to escape the demon world is such a touching thing to do. Overall, the series had its up and down but the final few chapters did deliver for me.

2. Goldy Pond Battle Arc

Chapters: 75 to 95

In this arc, Emma reaches Goldy Pond, and her mission to know out the mysterious Minerva succeeds. As she learns about Goldy Pond and the horrors that reside there, she is forced into a fight against a species of demons called the “Poachers”. She is fighting along with the members of the Goldy Pond Resistance in a battle of death and life.

This arc has its weaknesses but it is one of the most fun to read in the series. It feels like a battle shonen that we usually love. The stakes and tension in this arc are really high and it is a survival game. It didn’t match up to the first arc but it is still a great arc.

1. Jailbreak Arc

Chapters: 1 to 36

This is the first arc of the series. It introduces us to the main protagonists Emma, Ray, and Norman. They learn that the orphanage they are in is essentially a human farm where the demons are fed. Later, they intend to escape the orphanage taking other kids resulting in a battle of wits with Isabella.

This arc was a suspenseful thriller with plenty of mysteries, horror elements, and well-developed characters. Isabella in this arc is one of the scariest villains I have seen. The battle of wits between the children and Isabella was really interesting to watch. The characters such as Promised Neverland’s introduction arc is one of the best Shonen introductory arcs I’ve ever read. In fact, it is ranked 21st in our list of all-time best anime arcs.


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