15 Demon Slayer Best Moments in Anime

Demon Slayer is one of the best Anime series of 2019. It has some of the best animation you will ever see and along with amazing action, funny scenes and great characterization, Demon slayer is a must watch for anyone.

Definition of term “Best” is highly subjective. But I followed a simple rule that the said moment should have had the highest emotional impact for me personally. It can be happiness, sadness, comedy etc but should have been me a memorable experience.

Feel free to comment the moment which you felt should have made it to the list.

Here are the top 15 best Demon Slayer moments in Anime ranked from good to best.

15. Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke spends the night at a Westeria Family Crest house

Episode – 14

Premise – Starting the list is one of the funniest moment in the whole series. Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke spends a night togethor in a Westeria family crest house, which leads to comical turns of events. From the funny house lady to Inosuke’s antics to reveal of Nezuko to others, this whole few minutes are a laugh riot.

14. Giyu and Shinobu introduction in Mount Natagumo

Episode – 18

Premise – Giyu and Shinobu reaches the Mount Natagumo and splits up to defeat the Spider Family. Giyu easily defeats the Father Spider easily and Shinobu saves Zenitsu who is on verge of turning into spiders due to poison. Shinobu later kills the daughter Spider easily by poison.

13. Tanjiro kills the Mother Spider Demon

Episode – 16

Premise – Tanjiro and Inosuke confront slayers, controlled by the Mother Spider Demon. After saving them and also defeating few more hurdles they reach Mother demon’s place. Inosuke throws Tanjiro into the air and Mother sees him falling from the sky and initially panics. But realizing she’ll be released from Father’s threats, she lets Tanjiro strike her without resistance and also warns Tanjiro about one of the Twelve Moons.

12. Tanjiro kills Kyogai, Drum Demon

Episode – 13

Premise – On his encounter with Kyogai, Tanjiro takes care not to step on the papers spread on the floor. This causes Kyogai to recall his past memories as a writer and how others discarded him. Tanjiro figures out how to take quicker shallow breaths and reinforce the muscles around his leg to compensate and also becomes able to smell the claw attack coming. Finally he manages to cut Kyogai’s head but also appreciates his Blood Arts.

11. Tanjiro kills Hand Demon in Final Selection.

Episode – 4

Premise – During his first night of Final Selection, Tanjiro encounters a huge morphed demon made out of ghastly hands. The Hand Demon promises to kill him, recognising Tanjiro as Urokodaki’s student from his fox mask, and gleefully admits to murdering 13 of Urokodaki’s students including Sabito and Makomo. Tanjiro attacks him in a rage and after unleashing various attacks, Tanjiro successfully decapitates the Hand Demon.

10. Sabito and Makamo helps Tanjiro cut the rock.

Episode – 3

Premise – On his training, Urokodaki declares that if Tanjiro can slice a boulder with his sword he will let him enter Final Selection. With no success for the next 6 months, Tanjiro is on the brink of giving up, until he is confronted by two children with fox masks, Sabito and Makomo. Sabito initially knocks Tanjiro out for not ingraining Urokodaki’s moves into his body while Makomo teaches and hones Tanjiro’s skills patiently each time he awakens. After another 6 months, Tanjiro’s blade finally reaches Sabito first during a match, slicing his mask into two and also the boulder.

9. Kanao’s sad childhood.

Episode – 25

Premise – Kanao watches the boys train and flips a coin to determine if she should join them, thinking back to her childhood. After excessive abuse by father who starved her and her siblings, she broke to a point that she has no will of her own and cannot even eat without being told so. Shinobu and her elder sister Kanae rescued her and Kanae gave her a coin she could flip to help her decide things.

8. Tanjiro finds his whole family except Nezuko killed by Demon.

Episode – 1

Premise – In the very first episode, we find that Tanjiro’s whole family is killed barring Nezuko by a demon. As he carries Nezuko to save her, she attacks him turning into a demon. Giyu Tomioka tries to kill Nezuko but Tanjiro defends her. Since Nezuko manages to retain her true human consciousness, Giyu leaves her alive.

7. Tanjiro meets Muzan

Episode – 7

Premise – In one of his mission, Tanjiro travels to Tokyo with Nezuko. He smells the scent of Muzan who attacked his family and chases after him. He finds Muzan but couldn’t do anything as Muzan has a family with a young girl who calls him as father.

6. Zenitsu fights the Older Brother Spider Demon

Episode – 17

Premise – After being bitten by a one of Older Brother’s spiders, Zenitsu encounters Older Brother Spider demon himself. Due to the poison, Zenitsu faints and he remembers his days learning only one attack of the Thunder Breath but perfecting it. Even as poison starting to affect him, Zenitsu slays the demon by moving at lightning fast speeds.

5. Giyu Tomioka kills Rui easily.

Episode – 20

Premise – Giyu Tomioka intercepts the fight between Tanjiro and Rui thus saving Tanjiro and uses Total Concentration Breath of Water – Eleventh form to kill Rui pretty easily. This moment showcases the difference between Tanjiro and the pillars considering Rui was overpowering Tanjiro easily.

4. Zenitsu cuts Lizard Demon in sleep.

Episode – 12

Premise – On facing a Lizard like Demon, Zenitsu faints with fear. But Zenitsu in his sleep uses Breath of Thunder and kills the demon easily and after that he wakes up with no memory of what happened.

3. Pillars’ and the Leader revealed.

Episode – 23

Details – Tanjiro and Nezuko are brought before the pillars, who questions the presence of a demon with Tanjiro. With confusion among the pillars, leader appears and explains the situation. With few pillars still having doubt about her, Nezuko proves her loyalty by not willing to eat even on seeing the human blood.

2. Muzan annihilates Lower Ranked Moon Demons

Episode – 26

Premise – Muzan assembles the five lower ranked moons after the death of Rui. He appears before them in a women appearance and mercilessly annihilates four of them and leaving only Enmu alive. The whole building’s interior structure changes due to a demon’s Blood Demon Art and it is beautifully animated.

1. Tanjiro’s uses the Dance of Fire God vs Rui.

Episode – 19

Details – On his fight with a lower rank moon Rui, Tanjiro on his near defeat sees the memories of his father performing the Dance of Fire God. With this newfound technique gained from memory and also with help of Nezuko’s Blood Demon Arts, Tanjiro manages to cut Rui.

Final thoughts:

There are other tons of moments I might have missed here.
If you have any thoughts, do share them in the comments.

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