List Of Berserk Arcs In Order Explained

1. Black Swordsman Arc

Chapters: 0A-0H

Episodes: 1-25 (1997)

Black Swordsman arc is the first arc of the series and it spans three volumes. The story occurs in between the Conviction and Golden Age arcs’ storylines. Guts, also known as the Black Swordsman, is on the prowl for apostles in an effort to track down Griffith. Two apostles, the Count and the Snake Lord were defeated by guts. He also meets Puck, who travels with him, and overcomes a fake apostle named Zondark. Later Guts encounters Griffith and other Godhands and yet Griffith is unreachable beyond Guts’ hands.

2. Golden Age Arc

Chapters: 0I-0P, 1- 94

Episodes: 3 Part Movies

This arc tells the story of Guts from his childhood to the events of the Eclipse. Guts becomes a wandering mercenary and then joins forces with Griffith since Griffith defeats him. Griffith is a charismatic leader of a mercenary group called “the Band of the Hawk”. Later they grow in fame due to their success. The arc introduces Griffith’s ambition and leads him to pursue an unattainable goal: leading his army to conquer the world and create a kingdom for his followers. Guts decide to leave the group seeing Griffith’s ideals and decides to become equal to Griffith.

Griffith loses against Guts, who then quits the band. Griffith, who is displeased, has a lapse of judgement and sleeps with Charlotte, which leads to his arrest. Griffith was being tortured physically and mentally and is crippled. Guts rejoined the group to try to save him and succeeds in doing that.

But now fully crippled, Griffith makes the decision to end his life, but he discovers his Behelit, causing the God Hands to be called. Griffith agrees to their request to join the God Hand at the expense of every other member of the Band. With Skull Knight’s assistance, only Guts and Casca make it out alive, while the others die horrifying deaths due to Griffith’s sacrifice.

3. Lost Children Arc

Chapters: 95-118

Episodes: N/A

In a wilderness, Guts and Puck come across some bandits who are being kept by an entity imbued with bad energies. They are sent to the enigmatic “Misty Valley,” where they discover reports of ravaging attacks and kidnappings by elf-like creatures that are supposed to originate there. Puck tells Guts that the “elves” are actually the kidnapped children during their battle with the elves and their apostle leader Rosine.

Guts escapes from the town with Jill as a hostage; after getting a safe distance, he releases her and begins his mission to kill Rosine. Rosine becomes her actual apostle self in a fit of wrath, and she quickly overpowers Guts. Guts is able to surprise the apostle and strike the false elf with a lethal blow.

4. Binding Chain Arc

Chapters: 119-131

Episodes: 1-12(2016)

Guts escapes the Holy Iron Chain Knights by riding into the night with Farnese as a captive. He is only able to muster enough strength to repel the majority of the knights because of the severe injuries he sustained in his previous confrontation. He tries to kill the knights’ top commander, Farnese but is disabled by her servant, Serpico, and imprisoned after realizing he lacks the strength to battle the entire regiment.

Guts escapes the camp with Puck’s assistance, taking Farnese captive as he rides into the night on horseback. Guts’ demon spawn appears to him as he is reclining on a hill, giving him a vision of Casca being burned at the stake and a general description of where she could be. Upon returning to Godou’s house where he left her, he finds Casca has gone missing.

5. Conviction Arc

Chapters: 132-176

Episodes: 1-12(2016)

Guts is informed in Albion of a looming mock-Eclipse that will bring “[he] who denotes the Falcon” back to the physical world. He finds Casca in a den of cultists with the help of Puck and Isidro and Guts kills the Great Goat pseudo-apostle. Then he fights pseudo Apostle Mozgus and vanquishes him. Numerous lives are lost as a huge tidal wave of suffering and agony rolls across large numbers of migrants. Soon, a horde of tortured souls entirely engulfs the Tower of Conviction.

The tower completely crumbles as a result, and salvation—the ultimate goal of both the living and the dead—is achieved. Everyone in attendance is subsequently mesmerized by the sight of a reconstituted Griffith until Zodd whisks him away shortly after.

6. Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc

Chapters: 177-307

Episodes: 13-24(2016)

The story takes place after the reincarnation of Griffith. This is the longest arc in the series spanning 131 chapters. There are so many sub-arcs within this with separate subplots. Guts continues his journey with Casca to get to Elfhelm while Griffith battles Ganishka to establish his own empire.

During this arc, Guts encounter several obstacles that include Zodd, Slan, Grunbeld, Trolls, Pishacas, Ganishka, etc. He also gets accompanied by Isidro, Farnese, Serpico, and Scheirke. While the conflict between Ganishka and Griffith intensifies and finally ends with the Great Roar of the Astral World. Farnese gets a ship to go to Elfhelm and their journey continues.

This is a tough arc to summarize and analyze with so many subplots. Berserker armor, Mage, Pisacha, Artificial Behelit sword by Skull Knight, Artificial God Hand ceremony by Ganishka, etc just enhances the power system to a greater level.

7. Fantasia Arc

Chapters: 308-ongoing

Episodes: N/A

The Fantasia arc tells the story after The Great Astral Roar. Griffith founded his vast kingdom, Falconia while Rickert establishes his own group with members of the Bakiraka clan. To help Casca’s mind heal, Guts and the group set sail for Elfhem island. Guts first run into a Ghost Ship, after which they battle Sea God.

As Griffith approaches, Ricket slaps him. Later, he goes on the run with Silat and Daiba in search of safety from the Apostles under Griffith. Meanwhile, Guts and the group arrive at the Elfhelm. After facing a number of challenges, Scherike and Farnese were able to help Casca realize her ambition of having her mind restored. Skull Knight also gives Guts a peek of the previous Eclipse, which Skull Knight attended.


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