All Gintama Arcs In Order Explained

1. Harusame Arc

Episodes: 13

Gintoki is requested to find Kimiko – a daughter from an aristocratic family, who went missing. On their mission, the group encounters Harusame who kidnaps both Shinpachi and Kagura. Katsura reveals that Harusame is the biggest terrorist group in the galaxy and they are selling a drug called Tenseikyou. Gintoki goes to their hideout along with Katsura and saves both Shinpachi and Kagura while defeating Daraku. Later Gintoki carries both Shinpachi and Kagura on his shoulders.

‎2. Gengai Arc

Episodes: 17

Gengai arc introduces Gengai who is a robot expert and Takasugi who is a former ally of Gintoki. Yorozuya works with him preparing for a festival that the Shogun will attend. But Gengai under the manipulation of Takasugi plans to kill Shogun to take revenge on the death of his son by creating a robot called Saburo.

‎3. Rengokukan Arc

Episodes: 27 to 28

Sougo asks Gintoki’s help in investigating an underground fighting ring called Rengokukan. Sougo asks specifically to check Kidomaru, the stronger fighter there. It is revealed that Kidomaru was a former swordsman and before his execution, Tendoshu released him and made him fight in Rengokukan. Currently, he has an orphanage where he takes care of several kids. Later another fighter from Rengokukan, Onijishi, stabs Kidomaru with a spear, which ultimately kills him.

Later Gintoki enters the arena himself wearing Kidomaru’s mask and defeats Onijishi.

‎4. Memory Loss Arc

Episodes: 31 to 32

In this arc, Gintoki loses his memory due to an accident and every character tries to bring his memory back but everything makes his amnesia worse. So he decides to disband Yorozuya and starts working in a factory which creates weapons of mass destruction.

Then it becomes a problem between Shinsengumi, and Banzo – the factory’s owner with Gintoki getting caught in the middle.

‎5. Umibozu Arc

Episodes: 40 to 42

Umibozu, the famed Alien hunter comes to earth to capture a parasite menace. But it is revealed that he is also the father of Kagura and also intends to take her daughter back with him. A fight ensues between Kagura and Umibozu which Umibozu wins and Gintoki too asks Kagura to leave as the earth isn’t fit for her.

‎6. Go-Ninja Arc

Episodes: 43 to 44

Katsura is requesting Yorozuya to retrieve Elizabeth from the magistrate called Chintaro Toyama. Yorozuya goes to Sachhan to get her help to become Ninja. Then they invade the mansion of the magistrate where they face several trials and they have to fight Shinobi 5, whose members are all former Oniwabanshu which includes Zenzou.

‎7. Inugami Arc.

Episodes: 45

Inugami arc deals with Sadhagaru and its race, and introduces former owners’ the priestess sisters, Ane and Mone. Sadhagaru grows in size and becomes the demon Inugami. Yorozuya with the help of priestess sisters try to control the situation.

‎8. Infant Strife Arc

Episodes: 51 to 52

Gintoki finds an abandoned baby that looks exactly like him and everyone starts to think it is indeed his baby. He tries to return the baby to its rightful mother but gets tangled in a family issues of Kahei, a head of upper class family. Gintoki also gets attacked by assassins which includes Nizou, a blind assassin.

9. Mother Arc

Episodes: 54 to 55

A mother from the countryside comes to the city to find her missing son and she “adopts” Yorozuya in hope of them helping her find her missing son. Yorozuya starts investigating and finds that her son “Hachiro” is now the leading male escort in the Kabukicho. Gintoki and the group help the lady meet her son.

‎10. Benizakura Arc

Episodes: 58 to 61

Benizakura arc is probably the first serious arc in the series. Elizabeth requests Yorozuya to find Katsura who went missing while another request came to find the dangerous sword, Benizakura which also went missing. As the investigation began, both the cases seem to have a relation to each other.

Yorozuya, Shinsengumi, Kihetai with Takasuki as its leader, and Katsura all get mixed in a conflict with Benizakura sword as focus.

‎11. Fuyo Arc

Episodes: 69 to 71

One day, while Gintoki throws out the garbage he finds a severed head of a robotic maid. Gintoki gets it to Gengai place to get it repaired.

‎12. Yagyu Arc

Episodes: 76 to 81

A marriage is arranged for Kondo with a gorilla and Shinsengumi requests Otae’s help. But an old friend of Otae named Kyuubei returns to take Otae as bride as promised in their childhood. Later Yorozuya, and Shinsengumi goes to Yagyu house to retrieve Otae which leads to a conflict between Yagyu family, and Yorozuya – Shinsengumi.

‎13. Hardboiled Detective Arc

Episodes: 84 to 85

A hardboiled detective named Kozenigata Heiji, and his apprentice are in a quest to find a thief for a long time. They go to the Yorozuya for help in finding the thief. Heiji, Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura infiltrate the Oedo museum to find the thief before the police and before he is able to steal the Golden Fried Tofu statue.

‎14. Okita Mitsuba Arc

Episodes: 86 to 87

Okita’s sister Mitsuba comes to Shinsengumi to announce her marriage. It is revealed that the person she is marrying is an evil man who is marrying her only to get Shinsengumi’s support. It is also revealed that Hijikata has a past with Mitsuba. Mitsuba has a terminal pulmonory disease and at her last moments tell Sougo how proud she is.

‎15. Hasegawa Prosecution Arc

Episodes: 94 to 95

Hasegawa finds a job and contacts Hatsu to start living together again. But he hears another man’s voice and hangs up the phone. He requests Gintoki help but accidently gets arrested accused of being a molestor.

Haga who claims to be Hatsu’s lover appears against Hasegawa in court while Gintoki appears as the defendant for Hasegawa.

‎16. Owee Arc

Episodes: 98 to 99

Owee game is releasing and there is a huge lineup to buy that for that which includes Yorozuya, Shinsengumi, and Katsura. The game is sold out and the manager of Yodobatsu Camera proposes for two teams to compete in a video game battle to win the Owee. Later they split into two groups and engage in a virtual reality game.

‎17. Shinsengumi Crisis Arc

Episodes: 101 to 105

Hijikata gets a cursed sword which makes him act strange and puts his position in danger. Itou Kamotarou, adviser of Shinsengumi returns to make the group better. But Hijikata realizes that some conspiracy is going on to remove him and to dismantle the group. Hijikata requests Gintoki’s help.

‎18. Guardian Dog Arc

Episodes: 107 to 108

A Yakuza group called Mashiroi Gang headed by Kaguzo, goes to Yorozuya to get their boss’ son out of the warehouse where the son has been hiding for several years. Yorozuya try several methods to get this done but finds no success. But they realize that there is more to this than meets the eye.

‎19. Ryugujo Arc

Episodes: 115 to 118

Odd Jobs work as lifeguards on the beach. Kagura finds and beats a suspicious man called Kamenashi who dresses like a turtle. He was found to be secretly filming girls but he tries to make excuses. Finally, he invites Odd Jobs to Ryugu Palace if they leave him. Meanwhile, Katsura, Kyuubei, Otae, and Hasegawa all go there in different ways.

‎20. Monkey Hunter Arc

Episodes: 121 to 123

News about alien abduction is being talked about in TV and Shinpachi realizes he too is a victim of it. Shinpachi’s finger has been turned into a Phillips screwdriver. Kagura and Gintoki have also been modified. Amanto is fond of a popular online game and the group uses that clue to find him.

‎21. Correspondence Arc

Episodes: 126 to 128

Shinpachi is very strict in his Otsu fanclub about not to show interest to any other girl part from Otsu. But he finds a letter inside a bottle on the beach from a girl and decides to write back to her. They became pen pals but both it isn’t straightforward as it seems since both hide their trueself.

‎22. Kintaro Arc

Episodes: 129 to 130

One day, Sadaharu loses appetite and doesn’t eat. Kagura takes him to a hospital where they also meet Katsura who is there because of Elizabeth’s bad health. They also find an old dog on the verge of death, so Kagura dcids to take the dog to its owner.

‎23. Ghost Ryokan Arc

Episodes: 131 to 134

Otose sends the Odd Jobs and Otae to the mountains to enjoy an inn belonging to Oiwa, an old friend of hers. Gintoki and Shinpachi begin starts seeing ghosts at the resort but Gintoki thinks they are stands. Shinpachi, Kagura, and Otae become possessed by the ghosts and Gintoki confronts Oiwa about the inn.

‎24. Yoshiwara in Flames Arc

Episodes: 139 to 146

In this arc, a pickpocketing boy named Seita gets bumped into Gintoki. Seita wants to save money to see his mother who is in Yoshiwara. Later Gintoki, Kagura, and Shinpachi go to Yoshiwara for Seita’s sake. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Yoshiwara is managed by a Yato named Housen and Kagura’s brother Kamui gets involved. Gintoki and Odd Jobs have to face Tsukuyo first.

‎25. Shinsengumi Death Game Arc

Episodes: 148 to 149

Hijikata and Sogo wake up only to find themselves involved in a game arranged by a mysterious man on a TV. Both of them are locked and they have 72 hours to find the key. If it isn’t found, Shinsengumi HQ will explode but if one of them finds the key the other person will explode.

‎26. Otsu Arc

Episodes: 157 to 163

Shinpachi encounters Tosshi, the version of Hijikata possessed by the cursed sword. Tosshi has stolen more powerful otaku from his Otsu’s fanclub. Gintoki and Kagura don’t seem to care but Tsuu has decided to have an official fanclub competition. Both Shinpachi and Hijikata participate and all of Shinsengumi and Odd Jobs too jon for their members’ plight.

‎27. Tama Quest Arc

Episodes: 167 to 170

Odd Jobs must save Tama who is infected with a harmful computer virus. They must enter her body and embark on a magnificent journey to do this. After entering her body, all three of them visit a village populated by leukocytes to request the king’s assistance. Instead, there are many traitors to be found, and a saviour makes an unlikely appearance.

‎28. Red Spider Arc

Episodes: 177 to 181

A mysterious man with a tattoo of a spider on his neck comes to plan a terrorist attack on the Edo tower and bring down Yoshiwara. To find information on the man with the tattooed spider on his neck, Gintoki and Tsukuyo infiltrate the Benigumoto, the Red Spiders, but they are swiftly found out and encircled. The two are able to survive on their own, but the mystery man soon reappears and reveals himself to be Jiraia, someone Tsukuyo appears to have known in the past.

‎29. Character Poll Arc

Episodes: 182 to 184

Shinpachi curses his eighth-place finish in the second character popularity poll as he eats alone in a restaurant. Yamazaki approaches him from behind and comforts him. But Yamazaki is soon stripped naked and thrashed by an unidentified bad guy. Yamazaki’s ranking plummets as a result of the humiliation, alerting Shinpachi to an unidentified villain who is attempting to top the character rankings by eliminating everyone above him.

‎30. Rokkaku Arc

Episodes: 186 to 187

A girl named Kirie wants to take revenge for her father’s death by killing Sougo but she is unsuccessful in her attempt. Sougo believes Gintoki is a slave driver so he takes her to Odd Jobs. He tells Kirie that he does not remember her father and that he will murder her if she follows him once more.

Shinsengumi Kamiyama, the other survivor from this incident, promises to come clean and admit he killed Kirie’s father, but Sougo threatens him and convinces him not to. Later, Kirie is being held hostage by a group who took part in the incident as Kagura tries to force Sougo to confess the truth.

‎31. Kabukicho Stray Cat Arc

Episodes: 190 to 192

Yorozuya was on the job of watching stray cats and they noticed that the cats feed themselves while they were waiting for the boss cat, Hoichi, to arrive. But when he eventually appears and Kagura and Shinpachi leap from the bushed to seize him, he effortlessly escapes. They then turn to Gintoki for help in catching him but he disappears and then we learn he too became a cat himself.

‎32. Diviner Arc

Episodes: 195 to 199

Ketsuno Ana’s weather predictions have recently consistently been off. Gintoki helps her by taking her to the Yorozuyas’ house when he encounters her on the streets. However, following a monster attack on the home, it becomes clear that Ketsuno Ana is a target of other onmyouji because she is an onmyouji herself. After that, Gintoki and the others travel to the Ketsuno home, where they engage in battle with some strange beasts.

‎33. Santa Arc

Episodes: 200 to 201

Kagura writes a letter to her father during the Christmas season in Edo. She regrets that Santa did not come to see her. Feeling moved, Kagura, Otae, Shinpachi, and Hasegawa celebrate Christmas as her father Umi Bozu disguises himself as Santa Claus and hides. When he eventually emerges from the bushes to surprise her, another Santa, a dressed-up Gintoki, is there.

They both believe their counterpart is genuine. When three additional Santas arrive, they begin fighting with one another (Sachan, Kondo, and Kyubei). Kagura plans to hold a competition to find the true Santa.

‎34. Timeskip Arc

Episodes: 202 to 203

In this story arc, Shinpachi returns after the one-year time jump, wondering why everything has changed. When Shinpachi Shimura returns to the Yorozuya, he finds that Gintoki, Kagura, and Sadhagaru have undergone significant changes. He feels abandoned and goes back home to see his sister Tae Shimura betrothed to Isao Kondo.

Running to the water, Shinpachi bemoans the rapid changes in those around him. He discovers there that Kyubei Yagyu had a sex change to alter her life. Kotaro Katsura, who similarly altered his gender owing to the similarities between his and Kyubei’s personas, interrupts them.

‎35. Glasses Arc

Episodes: 207 to 208

Sachan is inside the Odd Jobs’ TV ad is revealed when it broke. Gintoki orders Sadaharu to discard her along with the television, but he breaks Sachan’s priceless eyeglasses in the process. Sa-chan is unwillingly given a new set of spectacles by Gintoki, but they are bottle-bottomed frames with the incorrect prescription. Sa-chan is delighted that Gintoki has given her a gift, but the new spectacles cause problems in her assassination works. Now, her supervisors are unsure about her dedication.

‎36. Kabukicho Four Devas Arc

Episodes: 210 to 214

Pirako Chin, a girl comes to Kabukicho to find the strongest person in the town and she is informed of Gintoki. When the Yorozuya found out she was a bloodthirsty gangster who wanted to support Gintoki’s control over the Kabuki District, they were reluctant to recruit her. Later this turs into a conflict between the four factions of the town.

37. Jail Arc‎

Episodes: 225 to 226

Gintoki goes to prison after being framed. He makes the warden his enemy and also managed to become the boss of the prisoners by taking other inmates as his subordinates. Gintoki searches the warden’s room for any evidence of wrongdoing with his assistant Shachi even skipping his labor work. Gintoki disguises himself by donning pyjamas, knowing that the punishment, if they are discovered, will be death.

‎38. Love Choriss Arc

Episodes: 228 to 229

Shinpachi introduces Momo-san, a figure from the well-known video game Love Choriss as his new girlfriend. Men and boys all across Edo are rendered unable to differentiate between game and reality as a result of this game.

Gintoki is requested by Otae to restore Shinpachi to reality. The only way is to drag him into the world of Love Chorus and reason with him. In the end, Gintoki settles on a distinctive heroine as his girlfriend.

‎39. Renho Arc

Episodes: 232 to 236

Eizabeth runs away from Katsura and he requests Odd Jobs help in finding her. Both Katsura and Gintoki looks for her but the mystery is bigger than they thought. Elizabeth is part of another planet and they get tangled in a intergalactic conflict.

‎40. Vacation Arc

Episodes: 237 to 238

Shinsengumi are stuck with a vacation but it is revealed that the true purpose behind it was to protect Shogun during his ski trip. At the same time, Yorozuya too go to the same place and as expected trouble arises when both groups collide in the mountain of snow.

‎41. Scandal Arc

Episodes: 239 to 240

Odd Jobs is having a year-end celebration! Gintoki advises Kagura and Shinpachi to be calm despite the many hardships the Gintama series has faced. All the regular characters then join in for some serious partying. Gintoki wakes up the following morning to find that he might have slept with many characters.

‎42. Host Club Arc

Episodes: 241 to 242

Kyoshiro, the top host in the Kabuki area is planning to resign due to Madame Yagami, a woman in charge of the nightlife. He invites Odd Jobs to his club, Takamagahara to help him.

She appears to have said she would go to Takamagahara again, which is practically a death sentence. Gintoki and the others need to find hosts to manage the Madame because the hosts at Kyoshiro’s left out of terror.

‎43. Thorny Arc

Episodes: 244 to 247

Sasaki family is one of the most elite families and Tetsunosuke is one of its members. He has joined Shinsengumi but he preferred the prestigious Mimawarigumi police squad. He was sent to the Shinsengumi because he was seen as a troublemaker. Tetsu is assigned to Hijikata by Kondo to work as an assistant and Hijikata has to put up with his quirks.

‎44. Kintama Arc

Episodes: 253 to 256

While Gintoki was absent, a new character has taken his place as the owner of the Odd Jobs. It is revealed that Gengai built him at the request of Kagura and Shinpachi, who were furious with Gintoki for abandoning them. The new replacement is supposed to be the perfected version of Gintoki but it brings more trouble than the solution.

‎45. Courtesan of a Nation Arc

Episodes: 257 to 261

Gintoki goes to Yoshiwara to meet the most famous courtesan in the district but it is revealed to an old lady. This will trigger a series of moments that leads Gintoki and others to confront the most powerful man in the country, Tokugawa Sada Sada, the previous Shogun.

‎46. Beam Sword Style Arc

Episodes: 262 to 264

Otae decides to reopen the family dojo her father abandoned. She meets a former instructor who had mysteriously vanished before and he agrees to lend a hand. But the man is mysterious and is concealing a huge secret that can destroy the world.

‎47. Patriot Reunion Party Arc

Episodes: 271 to 272

Both Sakamoto Tatsuma and Katsura Kotarou make fun of Gintoki for arriving late to the Joui Patriots reunion celebration. He was ready to depart, when the two stopped him.

After some discussion over Gintama’s storyline, Katsura disclosed that Kurokono Tasuke, the fifth Joui member, had sent out invitations to everyone. All of them, however, were only able to recollect irrelevant (and possibly false) memories of Kurokono.

‎48. Dekobokko Arc

Episodes: 275 to 277

A roadside fortuneteller discusses Kyuubei’s concerns about whether she should live as a male or a woman with her. After a sudden flash of light in the sky, all citizens of Kabukicho swapped genders. All but Shinpachi, who has just changed his glasses, and Otae who was with him remains a female.

‎49. Shinigami Arc

Episodes: 279 to 281

A phantom killer has been killing drunkards on the streets, Gintoki finds a Shinigami asking him to help it commit Seppuku. But Gintoki made it unconscious so he brings it inside his home where it is revealed that she is a young woman named Ikeda Asaemon. As the plot develops, it is revealed that Gintoki has far more connections in these incidents.

‎50. Confessional Arc

Episodes: 283 to 284

Gintoki had the idea to make money by having Tama hear confessions from people in a confessional booth as he observed Tama giving advice to patrons at Otose’s Snack Bar. But the events took a turn when Shogun gets involved himself here while Katsura too joins.

‎51. Soul Switch Arc

Episodes: 287 to 289

Gintoki and Hijikata both get hit by a truck and as a result have their souls switched. Until they find a way to switch them back, they both decide to take their role in Yorozuya and Shinsengumi. Hijikata in Gintoki’s body goes to Yorozuya while Gintoki in Hijikata’s body goes to Shinsengumi.

‎52. Kaientai Arc

Episodes: 290 to 291

Mutsu abandons Sakamoto after a failed business venture, but Sakamoto is later taken prisoner by a pirate group. The same group that had previously taken Sakamoto as prisoner 10 years and also Mutsu worked for them at that time. She and Gintoki are the only ones who can save Sakamoto. We find out how they met as well.

‎53. Afro Arc

Episodes: 294 to 295

Katsura infiltrates the Shinsengumi as a skilled swordsman with an Afro. He leaves a lasting impression on the Shinsengumi trio and Third Captain Saitou Shimura. While Katsura tries to identify his “superior,” Saitou requests a job from the Yorozuya. From then, events start to get out of hand.

54. Feigned Illness Arc

Episodes: 296 to 297

Gintoki and Shinpachi poke fun at a forgotten plot point involving Kagura and the Yato on a hot, humid day. It was revealed earlier that hot weather isn’t good for Yato people. As a result, Kagura finds herself at the hospital where she decides it would be wise to teach them a lesson. Kagura then fakes her illness to teach everyone a lesson but things goes out of her hand.

55. Shogun Assassination Arc

Episodes: 300 to 307

Nobu Nobu and his accomplices, the Kiheitai and the Harusame are planning to assassinate Shige Shige. Matsudaira devises a scheme to covertly transport him to Kyou with the aid of the Oniwabanshuu, Shinsengumi, and the Yorozuya in order to keep him safe.

To save the Shogun, they must face off against rival ninja, one of the most powerful terrorist organizations, and Yato, one of the most powerful Amanto races. Also, the most anticipated fight between Gintoki and Takasugi happens here.

56. Farewell, Shinsengumi Arc

Episodes: 308 to 316

Days after Shige Shige’s funeral, Nobu Nobu keeps building his influence after serving as a shogun for three months. He begins by capturing Matsudaira and Kondou and announcing the execution of them for failing to save Shogun. The Shinsengumi is also dissolved for the same.

To prevent the deaths of Kondou, Matsudaira, and the subsequently captured Katsura, Hijikata, Okita, and the officers band together with the Joui group as well as the Yorozuya. Naraku and Mimawarigumi act as the opposing force.

‎57. Love Potion Arc

Episodes: OVA1 TO OVA2

Yoshiwara is under attack from incense that makes anybody who smells it fall in love with the first person they see. As attempting to destroy Tsukuyo, things quickly deteriorate when it affects everyone.

‎58. Rakuyou Decisive Battle Arc

Episodes: 317 to 328

Yorozuya and Katsura’s Jouishishi had been in hiding for weeks after the Shinsengumi depart from Edo. In response to a request from Imai Nobume, the two factions join forces to free Kamui and Takasugi from Utsuro and his Harusame’s grasp.

They also join together with the remaining Kiheitai and Sakamoto and his Kaientai. When Utsuro also sets his sights on Umibouzu, who is also after Kamui, things grow more difficult. On the Rakuyou, all of these groups will band together and engage in combat.

‎59. Kagura’s Boyfriend Arc

Episodes: 329 to 330

Kagura finds a boyfriend who is from another planet. Both Umibozu and Gintoki are annoyed by this and want to teach that boy a lesson.

60. Homeless Arc

Episodes: 331 to 332

Ikumatsu, the shopkeeper at the Hokuto Shinken, is still waiting for one particular customer. It is to meet her end of a bargain she made with her husband. Katsura and Gintoki search for the customer after learning of his unexpected identity and the death of her husband.

‎‎61. Excalibur Arc

Episodes: 334 to 336

For the anniversary of Otose’s husband’s passing, the Yorozuya goes to Tetsuko’s blacksmith shop to sharpen his sword. They meet a sword Amanto there who requests their assistance in locating his scabbard wife. The situation worsens as a serial murderer holds the most potent and lethal Amanto sword, Gintoki is forced to carry the sword up his behind, and the sword’s bride is in the care of one Okita Sougo. All three characters eventually come into contact in this arc.

62. HDZ48 Arc

Episodes: 337 to 339

Otsu and Kagura launch a full-fledged idol team. The most powerful idol group in the galaxy responds by issuing a challenge. Additionally, Diamond Perfume performs as a backup band during the dueling stage.‎

‎63. Silver Soul Arc

Episodes: 342 to 369 + Movie

Utsuro’s goal is to start a world war that will eventually destroy Earth and also destroy himself and the rest of the cosmos. Gintoki and others must work together with old allies and adversaries to battle the immortal as well as the victims of his plans—a horde of enraged Amanto who may no longer be able to be reasoned with.


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