Black Clover Strongest Kingdoms

In the Black clover series, there are four kingdoms named after the “cards deck” i.e. Spade, Clover, Heart, and Diamond, In this manga everyone possesses magic (with one exception) which can vary in nature. In this article, all four kingdoms are ranked from weakest to strongest. (These rankings are as per chapter 231)

4. Diamond Kingdom

The first kingdom we get to know after Clover kingdom is the Diamond Kingdom which is situated on the right of Clover kingdom, Diamond kingdom as a whole is shown as a materialistic nation that runs after worldly things and is always looking to expand its nation and conquer new dungeons, they even go as far as using artificial methods to enhance the capabilities of their Magic knights.

Diamond kingdom is ranked last because their magic knights are not strong as compared to other nations, they lost 2 battles with the Clover kingdom causing them major damage, and later the whole kingdom was destroyed by the Spade kingdom.  

3) Heart Kingdom

The Heart Kingdom lies to the south of the Clover Kingdom. This country is rich in resources. The citizen’s heart kingdom has adapted to the country’s strong natural mana and developed a unique magic technique to channel that mana into spells, known as Mana Method

The Princess of Heart kingdom uses the power of Undine (the water spirit) to protect the country. With a Mana Zone that extends over the entire country, the People of the Heart kingdom are really strong but there is a limitation they are as strong as the mana they are surrounded with; their powers are considerably less outside the Heart kingdom. 

2) Spade Kingdom

The Spade Kingdom is a country north of the Clover, Heart, and Diamond Kingdoms. It is the biggest kingdom in terms of area, Spade kingdom is known for its military might. The Kingdom develops hostile relationships with the other kingdoms. Spade kingdom is ruled by Zograits siblings also known as the Dark Triad; they are three siblings possessed by devils.

Zenon single-handedly defeated the magic knights of the Diamond kingdom to take control over the whole Diamond kingdom, Later Zenon and Dante also invaded the Clover kingdom to kidnap Black Bulls captain Yami and Captain Vangeance of the Golden dawn, while the third sibling attacked the heart kingdom to kidnap their princess and the fact, they all were successful shows how strong they are. They still have their trump card which can turn things around but we will see how things will develop in the future as of now they are at number 2 in terms of power.  

1) Clover Kingdom

On number 1 we have the Clover kingdom which is in the center of all kingdoms it shares its borders with the Heart kingdom and Diamond kingdom but there is a neutral territory between the Clover kingdom and the Spade kingdom. The Clover kingdom is ruled by King Augustus Kira clover XIII, the leader of the magic knights is called the Wizard king who is the strongest of all. 

Clover kingdom magic knights are divided into 9 different squads headed by very strong magic knights, elves also live in the Clover Kingdom they have unlimited mana and are very strong mages, Clover kingdom has defeated the Diamond kingdom two times and with help of the Heart kingdom they were successfully able to retrieve their magic knights’ captains, Yami and Vangeance and defeated the Dark Triad successfully and later on defeated the devil Lucifero.   


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