When Does Black Clover Get Good?

Black clover is one of the most grossing anime for Tokyo tv and according to a report it ranked at number 4 beating Pokémon. Black Clover reviews are mixed, and the discussion of whether the story is worth watching or not has gone on for quite some time. While the story has many dedicated fans, others have voiced their doubts about the series and questioned whether the show is actually any good, claiming that it lacks originality or that it’s too slow in pace. 

When does Black clover Get Good?

Black clover starts to get good in The Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter Arc in chapter 38 of Manga and in episode 28 in Anime. This is the fourth arc of the series and it revolves around the kidnapping of children from Nairn and the resulting conflict between the Eye of the Midnight Sun and Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knights.

In this arc, we get the introduction of Lich,t the leader of midnight sun also we get to see one of the best fights of the series Yami vs Licht. I suggest everyone experience that arc and decide whether to continue the stories.

Problems in the initial arcs

Well, the first arc of the series is not bad, it is a decent arc that gives us a basic introduction and insight into Asta. The problem is with the 2nd and 3rd arcs of the series, many people believe that they are very slow-paced and elongated.

But according to me, this slow pace is a blessing in disguise sometimes as we get to know more about the characters. There are not any plot twists and everything is predictable at the start but let me assure you that it is just a build-up to what these amazing series have to offer in the future arcs.   

Series Only Get Better

After the first three arcs we get to see black clover turning from a pretty average anime to one of the top-grossing anime of its time, all the future arcs are filled with amazing action, plot twists, character development, some back stories, and the best part is that the series only has 17 filler episodes that too are very interesting and are action-packed.

Thinking back to the pace of Black Clover, the story took its time to introduce some of the best characters of the entire series. Notable characters like Mereoleona Vermillion, Henry, and Nacht Faust were brought in much later on, yet they manage to give far more to the show than other consistent side characters. Despite the late arrivals, their first appearances were well executed and well worth the wait.   

Asta and Yuno Rivalry 

The power of Asta and Yuno’s rivalry was portrayed at its finest when they teamed up to take down the actual reincarnation of Licht and not phony Patolli Licht, to save the Clover Kingdom from destruction. As Asta and Yuno worked together to land a seemingly finishing blow on Licht, Rhya watched in dismay, pointing out how perfectly in-sync their techniques were with one another.


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