How Shanks Stopped Kaido From Marineford – A Theory.

One of the biggest mysteries in the series is how Shanks stopped Kaido from entering the Marineford War. As we know, just before the start of the Marineford war, Kaido tried to kill Whitebeard from the Marineford War. But Shanks interfered Kaido from sabotaging Whitebeard’s mission to rescue Ace.

It still remains a mystery as to how Shanks stopped Kaido, a Yonko and the Strongest Creature in his path.

How did Shanks Stop Kaido? Common speculations are that Shanks battled Kaido or offered him Sake. But the answer has always been in plain sight. Shanks offered him an island from his territory.

Let us look at the clues that suggest Shanks offered Kaido an island. Before starting, I have to clarify this is just a theory by me and nothing is canon.

Manga Spoilers: There are two Manga spoilers In here (till Ch 1010)

Shanks didn’t defeat Kaido.

First, we need to address one of the most obvious speculations. Shanks defeated Kaido and then came to the war. This is an unreasonable assumption in so many ways. First, a battle between Yonko has huge consequences.

Gol D. Roger preferred to sneak into Big Mom territory to get a rubbing of Road Poneglyph. Whitebeard preferred not to fight Kaido and Kaido was reluctant in fighting the Big Mom’s crew. There is a reason a Yonko prefers to not fight others. Losses of lives of the crew will be high. Also, a fight between top tiers takes several days as seen in many instances.

Also, Kaido hasn’t been scarred after Oden until Zoro scarred him. Shanks and his crew didn’t receive any damage as seen when they entered Marineford. It is safe to assume that Shanks didn’t defeat Kaido though they might have clashed briefly.

Offering of Island Theory

Clue 1: Winter Island Under Shanks

Shanks and crew in a  winter island
Shanks and crew in a winter island

During the post-Enies Lobby arc, Shanks crew were at a winter island in the New World. The island was constantly snowing. we can see this island when Shanks was talking to Rockstar who went to meet Whitebeard.

Clue 2: Drake Visits A Winter Island Under Kaido

X-Drake visits Kaido's winter island
X-Drake visits Kaido’s winter island

After the Marineford war, X Drake met Scotch, a member of Beast pirates on a winter Island that seemed to be located just at the start of the New World. It seemed that Scotch was assigned recently to the island based on his dialogue.

Also, we can see that construction has recently started and it makes sense to reconstruct a new island you get. This is the island Shanks offered to Kaido to stop him from entering the Marinford War.

Clue 3: That Island Is A Weapon Factory

Winter island construction is completed
Winter island construction is completed

Why would Kaido just accept an island in exchange for going to a world-shattering war? Because this island is a haven for weaponry. In Caribou’s cover story, he reached this exact island by boat. Now the construction which was started just after the war has been completed.

Kaido's Winter island weapon factory
Kaido’s Winter island weapon factory

Also, In that short cover series, we see that there are factories and even trees are covered with metals. Kaido loves weapons and what better to offer than an island full of weapons.

Trees covered with weapons
Trees covered with weapons

Clue 4: Name of That Island – Yukiryu

Onigashima Dragon statue
Onigashima Dragon statue

Still not convinced? The name of the island is called “Yuki Ryu” meaning Snow Dragon. Kaido is so fond of dragons that he built a statue of a dragon in Onigashima and it wouldn’t surprise me that he accepted an island that has a dragon-like shape and a name literally having a dragon in it.

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Final Thoughts:

This is one of the long-standing mysteries which I amnot even sure will be solved. What do you think?


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