One Piece: List of Black Blades, and making Explained

List of Black Blades

1. Yoru

User: Mihawk

Yoru is the sword of Mihawk, the world’s strongest swordsman. It is currently ranked as one of the 12 Supreme Grade swords in the world. As a Supreme Grade sword, it is said to be one of the strongest and highest quality Sword made. The full limit and capabilities of the sword are yet to be known as we haven’t seen Mihawk go all out yet.

We can assume that with Mihawk’s skills, the sword is utilized to its maximum and is surely expected to be one of the strongest swords we have seen.

2. Shusui

User: Ryuma/Zoro

Shusui was once wielded by the legendary swordsman, Ryuma in Wano, and later Zoro acquired it. The sword is treated as a national treasure and it is believed that misfortunes to Wano came only after it was robbed from Ryuma’s grave. Later in Thriller Bark, Zoro fought Ryuma’s body as a Zombie and gained the sword from Ryuma himself.

It is one of the 21 Great Grade swords and as a black blade, it is quite powerful. Zoro has shown great skills using Shusui but I personally think Shusui was never used to its fullest as Zoro didn’t yet use Conqueror Haki yet. Now it is returned to Wano as he exchanged it to get Enma.

List of Unknown Black Blades (Possible/Future)

Here I list the swords which I think are Black Blades or will become black blades in the future.

1. Enma

User: Oden/ Zoro

Enma is one of the 21 Great Grade swords and is currently owned by Zoro. Until 20 years ago, Oden used it and even injured Kaido using it. Oden even fought the likes of Whitebeard, and Roger with it. Zoro too scarred Kaido and defeated King using it.

Enma is a cursed blade created by Shimotsuki Kozaburo that sucks users’ Haki and behaves like it has its own will. Making it a black blade and increasing to the next grade is a plot point that was brought up in Wano so it is inevitable that this makes a black blade by the end of the series.

2. Wado Ichimonji

User: Zoro

Wado Ichimonji is one of the 21 Great Grade swords and is currently used by Zoro but once was used by Kuina. Zoro inherited it from Kuina after her death. It is a famous sword of great caliber as even Tashigi points it out. It even didn’t get destroyed even after clashing with Mihawk.

Zoro will make all of his swords black blade. That will be his journey and no doubt Wado Ichimonji will also be the same. I am skeptical a bit about Kitetsu, he has as it might break in future battles.

3. Shodai Kitetsu

User: Unknown

Shodai Kitestsu is one of the 12 Supreme Grade swords but its current location is unknown. We don’t know a lot about it but only that is the highest rated among the swords from the Kitetsu family. It is also a cursed sword that it brings death to the user who wields it. Since it is a supreme grade sword, it is reasonable to assume it will be a black blade.

4. Unknown Supreme Grade Swords

User: Unknown

Other unknown supreme grade swords all have a good chance of being a Black blade.

How to make Black Blade?

Mihawk mentioned that any blade can become a Black blade.

Gyukimaru mentioned that Shusui was forged into a Black Blade through Ryuma’s history of battles.

Sukiyaki mentioned that Enma could be forged into a Black blade depending on Zoro.

Enma behaved like it had a will of its own and only after Zoro started to use Advanced Conquerors Haki, he was able to tame it reasonably.

Based on these we can summarize the prerequisites to forge a Black blade.

  • One must to able to fully tame the sword using Advanced Conquerors Haki and has to be involved in high level sword fights.
  • Some Swords have a will of its own in One Piece and once it is tamed entirely it can be made into a Black Blade.
  • Shusui being a Black Blade didn’t act like it had a mind of its own like Enma. Shusui is already tamed entirely and hence it never acted on its own.
  • Once Zoro gets Enma under his control entirely, it will become a Black blade and won’t act on its own.


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