One Piece – Trafalgar Law’s Awakening and Kroom Explained

Trafalgar Law has a paramecia devil fruit called Ope Ope No Mi which allows him to manipulate anything or anyone in a spherical space called Room. In chapter 1030, Law revealed that he had awakened his devil fruit ability which he can use as a last resort.


Law created a Saturn-like spherical space in his hand similar to ROOM. He could coat his sword Kikoku with this spherical space granting the sword similar properties like ROOM. Unlike ROOM, it doesn’t seem to expand by itself.


Law uses Anesthesia along with K-Room for offensive purposes. Law coats Kikoku with K-Room which allows him to penetrate anything without harming the target directly. Anesthesia manipulates the inner part of the body without injuring the outer part of the body. Anesthesia and K-Room make Kikoku increase in length in space similar to ROOM and can be seen visually too.

Penetration from Anesthesia doesn’t harm the target by itself.

So both KRoom and Anesthesia doesn’t let Law injure a target on its own. He uses Shock waves for that.

Shock Wille

Using K-Room and Anesthesia, Law can make Shock Wille which generates shockwaves that spread inside the target. Shock Wille is similar to electric shock from Gamma Knife but unlike Gamma Knife, Shock Wille damages the inner part of the body.

This attack even made Big Mom bleed who was impossible to get injured when attacked from outside. The shockwaves also made Big Mom crack her ribs too.

Puncture Wille

This is similar to Shock Wille since Law uses both K-Room and Anesthesia to use this attack. Law goes on top of the target and pierces it with K-Room coated Kikoku. The sword increases in its spatial length phasing things in its path. After it reaches a good amount of depth, he releases shockwaves imploding things pierced by the blades even destroying the ground.

This attack made a crater in the ground of Wano mainland below Onigashima.


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