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Alluka Zoldyck, sister of Killua Zoldyck is a mysterious and unique character even in the strange world of Hunter X Hunter. Able to grant god-like powers in her mysterious alter personality Nanika, Alluka powers are intriguing as it invalidates the established rules of Nen.

As mysterious she is, the series have revealed quite a few details about her powers and her dual personality Nanika’s origin.

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Alluka’s Character Analysis

Silva Zoldyck mentions Alluka as “something” that came from outside of this world and an embodiment of darkness. It is pretty clear that the family members don’t think of her as part of the family considering they put her up in a cell. Contrary to the expectation, Alluka behaves just like a typical 11 year old kid. She is innocent, kind, affectionate and caring towards Killua and calls him by his name.

Alluka isn’t that intelligent as other kids in Zoldyck family. But she understands that her alter personality Nanika is capable of granting wishes. And When Killua says that he intends to heal Gon to Alluka, she knew that Killua wanted Nanika to come out. She shares empathetic relation with Nanika and gets mad at Killua after he commands Nanika to not appear again.

Nanika’s Character Analysis

Alluka’s other personality, Nanika also has a mind and personality of itself. Sharing the same body with Alluka, it calls Killua as “Big Brother” while Alluka calls Killua by his name. It seems to have an intelligence equal to that of a young kid and it can even talk.

Nanika is known to have human emotions like sadness and happiness. It wants to please Killua as it loves her as big brother and usually asks him to pet it. When Killua commands Nanika to never come back, it was upset and was on tears but did as Killua asked. As Alluka has an empathetic sharing with Nanika, Alluka scoldes Killua for asking Nanika to go away permanently since it made Nanika sad.

Alluka Zoldyck Powers

Nanika has the power to grant any wish a person wants. Her powers are considered to be limitless by her family. Alluka doesn’t seem to possess any Nen ability or any power of her own.

The mechanism of Nanika’s abilities is never explained but the people could sense Aura when Gon is sealed by Nanika. It may imply that Nanika’s ability maybe a more advanced form of Nen.

Rules of the Power

General Rules

  1. If three of Alluka’s requests is granted, Nanika appears and can grant one wish.
  2. The wish can be asked by any person, need not necessarily the person who fulfilled Alluka’s previous requests.
  3. Her power is infinite as she even managed to change the reality to make certain things happen.
  4. The greater the wish the more demanding the following requests from Alluka will be.
  5. The person who will feel the burden of next three wishes will be the one who Alluka requests, not necessarily the one who was granted the wish.
  6. Consequences of unfulfilled wishes: If Alluka’s requests are rejected four times people will die based on the magnitude of previous wishes granted by Nanika.

Consequences of unfulfilled requests

  1. Irrespective of the magnitude of previous wish, if four of Alluka’s requests aren’t fulfilled, the request recipient will die along with his/her most loved one. They will be smashed to death.
  2. Depending on magnitude of the wish granted, in addition to the two mentioned in above cases the people who spent most time with request recipients will die. Actual numbers varies depending on previous wishes magnitude. Death is independent of the relationship with request recipient. Unlike the request recipient’s death, they are wrung to death.
  3. Two deaths are minimum while additional deaths are decided by the magnitude of the wish.

Milluki’s Five rules – Hypothesis by Milluki and family.

Based on several experimentation, Milluki arrived at five rules of Alluka’s and Nanika’s powers.

  1. If a person dies of not fulfilling Alluka’s requests, the difficulty level of her requests will be reset to level 1. It will be the best time to wish.
  2. When Alluka makes requests to someone, she won’t make requests to others.
  3. If the person dies midway when fulfilling Alluka requests, it will be deemed a failure and atleast one more person will die.
  4. Alluka cannot request a person without knowing that person’s name.
  5. The same person cannot make two consecutive wishes.

Rules only Killua knows

There are other rules to the Nanika’s power which only Killua knows. He didn’t want the family members to know due to fear of both of them being controlled.

  1. Though she can grant only one wish at a time, a person can put a choice as a wish. ( Killua asks Nanika to kill his mother if they don’t leave the area in 30 minutes or to kiss him in cheeks)
  2. A physical contact with the target is needed for healing a person. This is the reason he has to take Alluka to Gon.
  3. Killua can command Nanika and it falls outside of the regular rules. Killua’s command has no price.
  4. Killua can make consecutive wishes by commands.
  5. Killua can make command even when Alluka is in middle of her requests.

Wishes granted by Nanika

Wishes Nanika has successfully granted so far are as follows,

  • She granted a billion jenny of money to the butler, Yasuha.
  • She fulfilled Milluki’s wish of a computer.
  • Nanika healed Tsubone bleeding hand.
  • Nanika saved Gon who was considered beyond saving even by Hunter association’s best Nen Exorcist.
  • She sent Illumi back several kms away to Zoldyck mansion from hospital in city.

Deaths caused by Nanika

Deaths caused by Nanika is as follows,

  1. Mistuba, a servant of the Zoldyck family didn’t fulfill Alluka’s requests four times. It resulted in her death and her loved one’s death.
  2. After the billion jenny request by Yasuha was successfully granted, Alluka requests Kasuga, a servant in Zoldyck, to give her liver followed by her intestines then followed by her spine. Finally Alluka requests Kasuga’s brain which she fails to give to Alluka. As a result Kasuga, her lover and 65 other people whom she spent most time got killed.
  3. Apart from the above there are six other cases of two deaths.
  4. Due to Milluki’s wish, 13 people died.

Manga Spoilers Ahead!!!!

Origin of Nanika

In Volume 33 extras, Nanika is revealed as Ai, one of the five threats. Ai is originated from Dark Continent. Every time a human expedition is made to Dark Continent, a threat is sent back by guides to the “known” world as punishment for human behaviour.

Do note that it was never confirmed in the story but just got revealed in volume extras.

Ai – Threat from Dark Continent

Ai appearance

Appearance of Ai is not clearly shown, they look like a gaseous mass with limb like extension. Since on one of the human expedition in Dark Continent, they annihilated every person except three, they have a danger level of A. And none of the three survivors have any sanity left with them.

Ai is given the title “Codependence of Desire” which may explain its relationship with Alluka and Killua and its longing for Killua’s love and approval.

Codependency is defined as a psychological condition or relationship in which a person manifesting low self-esteem and a strong desire for approval has an unhealthy attachment to another person and places the needs of that person before his or her own”.

The description of Ai as a blackish gaseous form resembles Nanika’s form with blackish eyes. Also Nanika always says the word “Ai”, which is the name of the threat.

Deaths caused by Nanika
Victim of unspecified Threat found in known world

Ging explains that effects of Ai and Pap is still seen in the world. People are wrung to death due to Nanika, similarly some of the victims due to threats from Dark continent are also wrung to death as seen in collected bodies in government facility.

Recommended: For full explanation on Dark Continent and complete breakdown of the Dark Continent map

Why is Nanika with Alluka?

Even from young age Nanika has shared the body with Alluka. As of now there is no official confirmation how Nanika is with Alluka. We can theorize based on one very important moment in the story so far.

Netero, Zigg, Linnet in Dark Continet
  • Zigg Zoldyck went to Dark Continent once with Isaac Netero and Linnet. We know that, a threat is brought back every time an expedition to Dark continent is made. We can assume that Nanika is infact a threat sent back by guides for Zigg Zoldyck’s entry to Dark Continent.

Alluka’s Gender

Togashi has a habit of drawing male characters with feminine appearance like Kurapika and Kalluto from Hunter X Hunter or Kurama from Yu Yu Hakuso etc. From Yu Yu Hakuso to Level E to Hunter X Hunter, gender identity has always been an integral part of Togashi’s writing.

All the members of Zoldyck’s family considers Alluka as male while only Killua considers Alluka as female. Killua introduces her to Gon and others as his sister and even the name “Alluka” alludes to a female. Illumi and Milluki refers Alluka as brother and even the butlers refer Alluka with masculine “bocchan“.

Alluka’s gender doesn’t really matter in terms of narrative standpoint. It mainly emphasizes the point that Killua and other family members view Alluka very differently. While the family members see Alluka as an inhuman boy of darkness, Killua views her as his precious little sister.


Reference to Death Note and Doraemon
  1. Nanika means literally “something” in Japanese
  2. Nanika can talk hence it may be called a magical beasts.
  3. There is a reference to Death Note when explaining Nanika’s power. Note that Nanika has to know a person’s name to make request similar to Death note.
  4. There is a reference to Doraemon too,a cat like being seen extracting the book from its stomach.

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Final Thoughts

Alluka with her dual personality Nanika is one of the most interesting and intriguing character on the show. Netero has to use Rose and self sacrifices himself to kill Mereum who was the strongest character in the world. But we see Nanika seemingly have no problem in doing anything and also with supposedly unlimited power. Just how dangerous and mysterious is Dark Continent?.

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