25 Hunter x Hunter Best Moments of All Time

Hunter X Hunter is one of the best anime series of all time. With its adventurous, action packed story combined with gritty and dark moments, Hunter X Hunter leaves an everlasting impact on the viewers.

It has an emotionally oscillating narrative touching elements of anger, sorrow, happiness, and love. With nearly 150 episodes, it is difficult to breakdown the best moments in Hunter x Hunter to just 25.

Definition of term “Best” is highly subjective. But I followed a simple rule that the said moment should have had the highest emotional impact for me personally. It could be happiness, sadness, comedy or any emotion but should have had an memorable impact.

Unsurprisingly you will end up disagreeing with most of my options in the rankings. I shortlisted around 70 odd moments and had to cut it to top 25. So you know that there are some great moments missed here.

Feel free to comment the moment which you felt should have made it to the list.

Here are the top 25 best Hunter x Hunter moments from part 1 ranked from good to best.

25. Alluka saves Gon.

Arc 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc

Episode – 145

Premise – Killua brings Alluka against his family’s wish to save Gon, who is in critical condition beyond saving. Finally Alluka in his Nanika’s form revives Gon by using his power.

24. Gon fetches Hisoka’s badge in Hunter exam.

Arc – Hunter Examination Arc

Episode – 16

Premise – In Hunter Examination arc, Gon needs to take Hisoka’s badge to pass. After several hours of spying, Gon finally finds an opening on Hisoka. Gon then fetches the badge from Hisoka using his fishrod.

23. Invasion squad meets Youpi in the Castle.

Arc Chimera Ant Arc

Episode – 112

Premise – Invasion squad of Gon, Killua, Morel, Knov, Knuckle, and Ikalgo invades the palace through portal set by Knov. They encounter Youpi unexpectedly sitting in the stairs. As Youpi gets ready for battle, Dragon dive falls on the ground.

22. Gon hears Ging’s tape and learns about Greed Island.

Arc – Heaven’s Arena Arc

Episode – 38

Premise – Gon returns home along with Killua. Mito gives Gon a tape recorder that Ging left. Ging talks about being a bad father and it will be difficult for Gon to find him. Later when Ging is about to say about Gon’s mom, Gon stops it. Due to Nen infused in the casette, it gets destroyed after just one hearing.

21. Killua takes heart of Jones.

Arc Hunter Examinations Arc

Episode – 12

Premise – In the third round of Hunter exams, Killua faces Jones. Jones is known to be a notorious serial killer who dismembers his victims with bare hands. Once the fight starts, Killua lunges forward in the blink of an eye and plucks Jones’ heart clean out of his chest.

20. Leorio punches Ging.

Arc 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc

Episode – 140

Premise – In the meeting conducted in Hunter’s Association, Leorio enters to ask Ging few things. He asks why he hasn’t visisted Gon yet in the hospital. Since Ging doesn’t answer the question properly, Leorio gets angry and punches Ging using his Nen ability.

19. Alluka’s power revealed.

Arc 13th Chairman Election Arc

Episode – 97

Premise – Alluka Zoldyck is Killua’s brother and Alluka shares his body with a mysterious entity Nanika. Once Alluka’s three requests are met, Nanika can grant a wish. However, the greater the wish made to Nanika is, the harder it is to fulfill the next three requests will become.

18. Zeno and Netero enters the castle with Dragon dive.

Arc – Chimera Ant Arc

Episode – 111

Premise – Zeno and Netero enters the castle to fight the ant king through a Dragon conjured by Zeno’s ability. With Zeno unleashing Dragon dives, Pitou meets Netero. Netero attacks and pushes Pitou to a long distance with Pitou having no time to react.

17. Killua’s Brother Illumi revealed.

Arc Hunter Examination Arc

Episode – 20

Premise – During the hunter exams final round, Killua faces off against the mysterious man Gittarackur. He then reveals himself as Illumi, Killua’s brother. Killua visibly is in much fear seeing him and forfeits the match.

16. Kurapika captures Chrollo

Arc Yorknew City Arc

Episode – 57

Premise – Kurapika captures The Phantom Troupe’s leader, Chrollo Lucifer by his chain. He then demands the other members to return Gon and Killua in exchange for Chrollo.

15. Netero’s training in the mountains.

Arc Chimera Ant Arc

Episode – 111

Premise – Six decades ago, Netero trains by doing 10,000 punches of gratitude daily. It takes him around five to six seconds to complete one punch, and will take him around 18 hours to finish 10,000 punches. After two years, he becomes so quick he could finish 10,000 punches before the sun set.

14. Gyro’s childhood flashback.

Arc Chimera Ant Arc

Episode – 80

Premise – Gyro, in his childhood, experiences many abuses from his drunk father. Getting beaten, learning to sleep without any emotions or movement in fear of making a sound in bed that might wake his father, even learning to control his bladder at night.

13. King remembers Komugi again.

Arc Chimera Ant Arc

Episode – 133

Premise – Meruem loses his memory after the battle with Netero. In his quest to regain memory, he confronts Welfin who in fear utters the word “Komugi”. Meruem then remembers Komugi and the games he played with her.

12. Knov trembles in fear.

Arc Chimera Ant Arc

Episode – 106

Premise – Knov on his infiltration senses Shaiapouf’s Nen. His aura terrorizes Knov to the point he would comment that it is not death that scares him to such a degree but rather it is the kind of torture he may be cruelly subjected to by the Royal Guards. Knov then plants the portal at the bottom of the stairs as the last entry point into the palace and flees the scene

11. Hisoka versus Gon in Floor Arena

Arc Heaven’s Arena Arc

Episode – 35

Premise – Gon faces off against Hisoka in Heaven’s arena. Hisoka is unmoved facing Gon’s attacks. With creating a rubble from stones there, Gon disappears from Hisoka’s sight and is able to sneak from behind. This allows him to finally deliver a solid punch straight to Hisoka’s face.

10. Kurapika captures Uvogin by chain.

Arc – Yorknew City Arc

Episode – 54

Premise – After his fight with Shadow Beasts, Uvogin relaxes. But Kurapika captures him with his chain at that moment and kidnaps him. Meanwhile Machi manages to attach a string to the car Kurapika travels.

9. Ging reveals about Dark Continent.

Arc 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc

Episode – 147

Premise – Gon finally manages to catch Ging at the top of World tree. Ging reveals that the World tree is just a sapling and the real World tree is in Dark Continent. Ging explains that their world is just a island in the middle of a lake surrounded by a much larger world, Dark Continent.

8. Uvogin versus Shadow Beasts.

Arc – Yorknew City Arc

Episode – 43

Premise – Shadow Beasts are ten of the strongest Nen users under command of the Ten dons. Uvogin faces off against four of them and manages to kill all four of them single handedly.

7. Zeno Zoldyck and Silva Zoldyck versus Chrollo Lucifer.

Arc Yorknew City Arc

Episode – 52

Premise – Having been hired by Mafia, Zeno and Silva faces off against Chrollo. Chrollo reveals his Nen ability which is to capture others ability in his book. Finally the fight ends midway when Illumi kills Mafia bosses on Chrollo’s request.

6. Pitou cuts Kite’s arm.

Arc Chimera Ant Arc

Episode – 85

Premise – As Gon, Killua and Kite head toward the Chimera Ants’ nest, Neferpitou attacks Kite. It does it to gauge its own power. With one of his hands severed, he distracts Pitou long enough for Killua to escape with Gon.

5. Kurapika versus Uvogin

Arc York new City Arc

Episode – 47

Premise – On the outskirts of Yorknew, Kurapika seeks vengeance for his fallen brethren by facing Uvogin. The battle results in Uvogin’s death. We also learn the full details on Kurapika’s power.

4. Netero uses 100Type Guanyin Bodhisattva.

Arc Chimera Ant Arc

Episode – 126

Premise – Meruem and Netero faces off in a fight. Netero activates his 100-type Guanyin Bodhisattva ability. He uses First Hand, Second hand and even ninety ninth hand which has no real effect. He then unleashes his most powerful Zero hand which also fails.

3. Mereum and Komugi dies togethor.

Arc – Chimera Ant Arc

Episode – 135

Details – Finally remembering his memory with Komugi, he decides to spend his final hours with her. Meruem plays Gungi with Komugi and he finally falls to his death in her lap. Komugi even after knowing she will die due to poison from Mereum continues to play and dies along with Mereum.

2. Netero uses Poor Man’s Rose to kill Mereum.

Arc – Chimera Ant Arc

Episode – 126

Premise – Failing to defeat Mereum with his Zero hand, Netero uses his trump card, Miniature Rose. On verge of his death, Netero activates the Poor Man’s rose, a bomb. Mereum having fear for the first time tries to flee, but the bomb goes off.

1. Gon vs Pitou

Arc Chimera Ant Arc

Episode – 131

Details – Enraged after Kite’s death, Gon transforms into an adult form of himself. With power now rivals the king, Gon fights Pitou. Gon manages to make Pitou unconscious after a punch and pummels her head into breaking her skull. Gon after this cannot use his Nen ever again.

Final thoughts

There are several other moments that may deserve a spot here like Gon vs Genthru, Knuckle vs Youpi, Killua vs Youpi, Zoldyck arc moments etc. But I felt the above moments deserves more to be in the list.

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