Hunter X Hunter: Hisoka’s Death Explained.

Hunter X Hunter is one of the best manga series of all time. With its adventurous, action-packed story combined with gritty and dark moments, Hunter X Hunter leaves an everlasting impact on the viewers. Hisoka is one of the most interesting characters in the series and his battle with Chrollo resulted in his supposed death.

Is Hisoka Dead? No, Hisoka did die during the battle with Chrollo Lucifer but he got revived by his Nen which activated after his death to restart his heart and lungs. It may be slightly complicated so we can go through the events one by one.

Hisoka’s Death Explained

During the final stage of his fight against Chrollo, Hisoka was surrounded by several people controlled by Chrollo Lucifer. Hisoka was already out of options losing one of his palms and legs and surrounded by bomb puppets. So he couldn’t escape the explosion of these bombs puppets resulting in his supposed death.

Shalnark gave the exact reason for Hisoka’s death after the battle seeing Hisoka’s dead body. Before the bomb puppets went near him, Hisoka was already surrounded by 200 other normal puppets which were already under the command from Chrollo to attack Hisoka. Surrounded by the normal puppets helped in mitigating the serious effects of the bomb. Their flesh acted as a cushion thus Hisoka retained his body structure.

He also summarized that cause of death is due to suffocation by Oxygen deprivation caused by the explosion and the wall of puppet flesh over his body. Thus the group of Shalnark, Machi, and Kortopi confirmed the death of Hisoka.

Hisoka’s Revival

Machi tried to stitch the dead body of Hisoka to a clean state as Hisoka paid her in advance. During this time, Hisoka Aura was visible shocking Machi. Nen can be retained even after death which was shown in Greed Island and more conclusively in Neferpitou’s puppet.

Similarly, Hisoka just before his death conditioned his nen to revive his heart and liver by using his Bungee Gum. He placed his hands wrapped around his heart before the bomb puppets explode. When the willpower of the user is high, nen can be invoked even after death.

After reviving he used the gum to stop the healing. Then using the “Texture surprise” he recreated the lost flesh in the battle, his left hand, and his right arm. This rubber prosthesis apparently healed him fine enough to engage in battles once again.

Hisoka’s Current Status:

Hisoka killing Shalnark and Kortopi

After the revival, Hisoka made the decision to kill the Phantom Troupe members. He started it by killing Kortopi and then followed it with the death of Shalnark. Later he boarded the ship to the Dark Continent in which the Phantom Troupe are also present.


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