Best Gift Ideas for Naruto Fans (Guide for even non watchers)

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Looking for a cool gift to present to your beloved ones who are fans of Naruto? Look no further, because I have put together a list of the best gift ideas that one can give to a Naruto fan.

I have made this list so that even those who have no idea about the series can choose the perfect gift for a Naruto fan. Even if you know about the series I have listed the best gift ideas available below.

1. Manga Volume Set

My #1 Best choice of a gift to give a Naruto fan is the paperback version of Manga set. You may think that if they had already read/watched the show then it might be pointless to buy Manga. But it cannot be far from the truth since having Manga volumes in your book shelf acts a source of pride as a fan and also adds beauty to it even if you don’t read it.

Buy Naruto Volumes From Amazon below.
1) Itachi’s Novel – Most won’t have read it so go for it.
2) Naruto Volume 28-48
3) Naruto Volume 49-72

2. Action Figures

An action figure is a poseable character toy figurine based upon characters. They can be kept in workplace or study place which can remind one of the person who gifted them. Try to find the receiver’s favorite character if possible and choose the action figures based on it. For non watchers I have broke down the characters that everyone loves so as to make better choices in choosing the gifts.


If you have to pick a character from the series that every fan of the show adores it has to be Kakashi Hatake. Our favorite sensei is a fan favorite due to his cool design and badass character. Just buy a action figure of Kakashi and I am pretty sure the receiver will love it.

My Best Picks of Kakashi Action Figures from Amazon
1) Kakashi with Chidori Click Here
2) Kakashi Hatake Nendoroid Action Figure – Click Here
3) Pikachu in Kakashi designClick Here

Itachi :

Like Kakashi, Itachi is another one of fan favorite. His design is cool and badass and an action figure of him will be a perfect gift for any fan of the series.

My Best Picks of Itachi Action Figures from Amazon
1) Itachi Uchiha action figureClick Here
2) Itachi Uchiha in AnbuClick Here
3) Itachi Uchiha Nendoroid Action FigureClick Here
4) Itachi Uchiha with crow- Click Here
5) Itachi Uchiha in Akatsuki – Click Here


Everyone loves our main protagonist of the show Naruto. He is a character that the fans of the series grew up with and have a strong fond of. He is a safe option to buy since he is overall well liked by all.

My Best Picks of Naruto Action Figures from Amazon
1) Kid Naruto action figureClick Here
2) Teen Naruto action figureClick Here
3) Naruto Nendoroid Action FigureClick Here
4) Naruto with Rasengan – Click Here
5) Naruto with Sage Mode – Click Here

Sasuke :

Sasuke is a polarizing character in the series since many find him irritating. But those like him absolutely adore him. Keep it in mind while choosing the gifts.

My Best Picks of Sasuke Action Figures from Amazon
1) Kid Sasuke action figureClick Here
2) Teen Sasuke action figureClick Here
3) Sasuke with Susanoo Action FigureClick Here
4) Sasuke with Chidori – Click Here
5) Sasuke – Click Here

Other Fan Favorites:

Apart from the above characters, there are others that are also loved by the fans of the series. Make sure to check them out as it will show the effort you have put into choosing the perfect gift.

My Best Picks of other Action Figures from Amazon
Hinata Hyuga – Click here,
Madara Uchiha Click here,
Minato Click here,
Pain Click here,
Konan Click here,
Obito Click here,
Hashirama Click here,
Rock Lee Click here,
Gaara Click here,
Jiraiya Click here,
SakuraClick here

3. Games

Games can be a great gifts for Naruto fans who also falls in the category of being a gamer. There are several great games based on the series. I have listed the best ones that are available to help you choose the best gifts.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm series are the best Naruto games currently out there. There are four games with in the series that have stories that take place in chronological order.

1) You can check the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 here which is the second part in the series which stood out from others at the time of its release.

2) You can check the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 here which is the third part in the series and probably the best game in the series. It is undoubtedly the best Naruto game available.

3) You can check the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 here which is the fourth part in the series. It has great three dimensional fights and amazing choreography with compelling story.

4) Also You can check the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution here.

4. Backpacks

Naruto based backpacks are great since they can be really useful to the receiver practically. Backpacks with actual characters face or other iconic symbols from the series can be given.

My Best Picks of Backpacks from Amazon
1) Naruto Leaf Village Themed Backpack – Click Here
2) Naruto Seal Themed Backpack – Click Here
3) Itachi themed Backpack – Click Here
4) Kakashi Themed Backpack – Click Here

5. T Shirts

Gifting T Shirts is always a safe and solid idea to gift to a Naruto fan. Just make sure you get the correct size of the receiver and try to find their favorite characters if possible. There are plenty of options to choose from.


As I have mentioned already Kakashi is a fan favorite and T Shirt with Kakashi theme can be a perfect gift.

Itachi :

Like Kakashi, Itachi is another one of fans favorite. His design is cool and badass and T Shirt with him will be a perfect gift.


Everyone loves our main protagonist of the show Naruto. Though he mayn’t be everyone’s most favorite he is loved by all.

Sasuke :

Sasuke is a polarizing character in the series while many absolutely love him and for many he is just irritating. Keep it in mind while choosing.

Symbols and Signs:

Sometimes, it may be better to have T Shirts with subtle symbols and signs from the series rather than actual characters face in it.

6. Hoodies

Everyone loves hoodies and one of the main reason is because they’re so ultra-cozy and comfortable. Having a soft hoodie completely engulf your upper body can instantly make you feel pampered and warm. Hoodies are a crowd favorite and there are very few people who don’t love wearing hoodies. Luckily hoodies based on Naruto theme are plenty and with different styles.

7. Head Bands

Buy From amazon here – Naruto Headbands

Headbands in Naruto are very iconic and they have a village symbol signifying their alliance. Also bands that have village symbol strike down in the middle signifies a character that have become rogue. So it is a really cool idea to gift it.

8. Naruto Themed Tea Cups

Tea Cups are pretty common gift idea all over the world. A cup of tea a day is official ‘me time’ and to gift someone a beautiful teacup, it is like giving a gentle reminder that they deserve some time out and will also remind them of the person who gifted it.

9. 3D Acrylic Table Lamp

The pattern is exquisite and the texture is clear and when you open the night light , it will show 3D visual effect. LED Night Light has two supply ways: USB power supply and battery power supply, suitable for home, office, travel and many other occasions. Best gift lamp for the person you are care about: Each 3D LED Night Lights comes with a Mini version USB Lamp, as a gift for the buyer.

10. Naruto themed Cell Phone Cases

Buy IPhone Cases from Amazon – Kakashi Themed Phone Case for Apple iPhone

Another great idea is a quality phone case with Naruto theme. There are several choices to choose from and just need to find correct cases based on the mobile. I have provided link for quality Iphone cases above.

11. Naruto themed Modular Wall Art

If you want to make a big impression with a gift go for a canvas wall art. They are appealing to look at and will make the gift receiver happy.

12. Blankets, Bed sets and Carpets

What better way to make the living room more colorful and beautiful than to fill it with Naruto themed designs.

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