One Piece – Ulti Devil fruit Pachycephalosaurus explained

Ulti is one of the members of Tobiroppo, the six strongest headliners in Beast Pirates of Kaido. She may have been named after the Hungarian card game Ulti, fitting with the card game-based theme of the Top officials in Beast pirates.

Ulti on her fight with Luffy in Onigashima revealed her devil fruit which is an Ancient Zoan of Dragon Dragon Fruit which matches with the theme of Beast pirates.

Dragon Dragon Fruit – Model : Pachycephalosaurus.

Ulti’s Hybrid Zoan Form

Ulti starts the fight with Luffy through a headbutt which she calls as “Ulti Mortar“. Her headbutt alone blasted a hole in the floor and also managed to hurt Luffy. She then transforms to hybrid form of her Ancient Zoan devil fruit, Dragon Dragon Fruit – Model: Pachycephalosaurus releasing Luffy’s strength. Later after Luffy throws her by clutch of her horn, she completely transforms into her complete Zoan form of the devil fruit.

Real World Pachycephalosaurus:

Let us look into the actual real life properties of Pachycephalosaurs dinosaurs.

  • Pachycephalosaurus is a sub-species of dinosaurs, literally means “thick-headed lizard“.
  • They have thick skull roofs which is believed that Pachycephalosaurs used their skulls during intra-species combat.
  • They were one of the last non-avian dinosaurs.
  • It possessed long hindlimbs and small forelimbs.

Ulti’s Devil Fruit Transformation.

In Human form itself, she has a strong skull that causes a hole in the floor just by headbutting Luffy. She also managed to hurt Luffy though he is made of rubber. Pachycephalosaurus have a very thick skull, though it is unknown whether her head strength is due to her devil fruit or her own power of Haki or maybe mixed of both.

In hybrid form, She develops a tail and her toes and fingers turns to sharpened claws. Her legs also increases its length but hands remain the same length more or less, similar to Pachycephalosaurus’s anatomy.

Ulti Full Zoan Form

In fully transformed Zoan form, she has a huge body and a short neck much like real life Pachycephalosaurus (Image of her full zoan transformation isn’t clear yet). Also her hind limbs looks longer and her forelimbs looks smaller which is also alike real life Pachycephalosaurus. Her full form isn’t clearly shown in the manga yet, hopefully more revelation will come in future.

Ulti’s powers and abilities:

Her abilities and powers aren’t fully revealed yet. From what we know as of now

  • She has a very hard and strong head . It causes a hole in the floor just by headbutting. She named it as “Ulti Mortar”.
  • Her strong head butt is most likely due to combination of both her Armament Haki and devil fruit powers.
  • She also has Observational Haki, which was seen when she detected Luffy after headbutting him. Everyone else in the room thought Luffy is defeated.
  • In Full Zoan transformation, she managed to restrain Luffy with just her hands and Luffy acknowledged her as a strong opponent.
  • Later she was going to do a punch like attack called “Ulti Meteor“, but was ultimately interrupted by Yamato.
  • Since Pachycephalosaurus are non-avians, we can assume she cannot fly.
  • Dinosaurs based devil fruits are highly resilient to physical injuries as seen when Ulti gets up quickly with no side effects after Yamato knocks her out.

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