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Chainsaw Man Deaths: All Dead Characters Info.

Chainsaw Man series takes place in a world that is filled with devils. The series isn’t afraid to show deaths with lot of the introduced characters end up dead. With so much gore and surrealism, Chainsaw Man is a must read for any manga fan.

I have updated the list of all dead characters in the series so far. Before proceeding there are certain things we need to understand about the world in Chainsaw Man.

Note: Concept of Death for Devil/Hybrid/Zombie/Doll

  • Devils don’t die in the truest sense and they are reborn in Hell. Hence if I mention a devil as dead, it means that character is dead from either Earth or from Hell.
  • Hybrids don’t die and can be revived by giving blood. So Hybrids I mention as dead are probably seemed dead or taken out of action for that moment.
  • It is unclear whether humans turned to zombies are still alive in the zombie form or dead.
  • Humans turned to dolls aren’t dead but act like puppets to doll devil.

Deaths in Chapter 1 to 10

NameKilled By/CauseHuman/Fiend/
Chapter 1
Tomato DevilDenji/PochitaDevil
Unnamed Devil (Slime) Denji/PochitaDevil
Denji’s FatherSuicide (Later revealed as killed by Denji)Human
Denji’s MomHeart ConditionHuman
Debt CollectorTurned into Zombie/
Killed By Chainsaw Man
Debt Collector’s Yakuza Gang Turned into Zombie/
Killed By Chainsaw Man
Zombie DevilChainsaw ManDevil
Chapter 2
Muscle DevilChainsaw ManDevil
Chapter 4
Unnamed Fiend(Crab shaped) DenjiFiend
Chapter 5
Sea Cucumber Devil PowerDevil
Chapter 9
Bat DevilChainsaw ManDevil
Chapter 10
Leech DevilAki/Fox DevilDevil

Chapter 1

Tomato Devil

Killed By: Denji/Pochita

Tomato devil is the first devil introduced in the series. It was killed by Denji using Pochita and given as payment for rent to the debt collector.

Unnamed Devil (Slime)

Killed By: Denji/Pochita

This unnamed devil which looks like a Slime is killed by Denji with Pochita when he was even younger than the current period. Denji uses this to get hired as a devil hunter.

Denji’s Father

Killed By: Suicide

Denji’s father supposedly died of suicide. But later revealed to be killed by Denji in his self defense.

Denji’s Mom

Killed By: Heart Condition

Denji’s Mom died of a heart condition due to which she was coughing up blood.

Debt Collector

Killed By: Chainsaw Man

Debt collector after turning into a zombie gets killed by Denji along with other zombies. They were turned into zombies by Zombie devil.

*Not sure if turning into zombies means the people are dead.

Debt Collector’s Yakuza Gang

Killed By: Chainsaw Man

Debt collector’s Yakuza gang gets turned into zombies by Zombie devil gets killed by Denji in his Chainsaw Man form.

Zombie Devil

Killed By: Chainsaw Man

Zombie devil gets slaughtered by Denji in his Chainsaw Man form.

Chapter 2

Muscle Devil

Killed By: Chainsaw Man

Muscle Devil gets killed by Denji in his Chainsaw Man form. He saves a girl which was controlled by Muscle Devil.

Chapter 4

Unnamed Fiend (Crab shaped)

Killed By: Denji

A Fiend which has the face of some crab like creature is killed by Denji in his basic human form.

Chapter 5

Sea Cucumber Devil

Killed By: Power

Sea Cucumber Devil gets smashed by Power using a large Hammer like weapon.

Chapter 9

Bat Devil

Killed By: Chainsaw Man

Bat Devil holds Power’s pet cat as hostage and demands a human as ransom to free the cat. Power brings Denji to the Bat devil. Regardless it swallows Power and the cat and Denji had to slaughter the Bat devil to retrieve them.

Chapter 10

Leech Devil

Killed By: Aki using Fox Devil

Leech Devil which was attacking Denji was destroyed by Aki who uses Fox Devil which he was in contract with. Fox Devil later asked whether he could eat the Leech Devil to which Aki obliged.

Deaths in Chapter 11 to 20

NameKilled By/CauseHuman/Fiend/
Chapter 13
Taiyo (Aki’s Brother)Gun DevilHuman
Aki’s ParentsGun Devil Humans
Japan Population-
Gun DevilHumans
USA Population-
Gun DevilHumans
China Population-
Gun DevilHumans
Soviet Union Population-
Gun DevilHumans
Canada Population-
Gun DevilHumans
Hawaii Population-
Gun DevilHumans
India Population-
Gun DevilHumans
Unnamed Devil
(Probably Fish Devil)
Chapter 19
Eternity DevilChainsaw ManDevil

Chapter 13

Taiyo – Aki’s Brother

Killed By: Gun Devil

13 years ago before the current timeline, Gun devil appeared. Aki was playing with his little brother in the snow at that time. His brother who went to home to bring gloves was caught up in Gun devil’s attack before Aki’s eyes.

Aki’s Parents

Killed By: Gun Devil

Gun Devil appeared thirteen years ago and Aki’s parents got caught in the midst of its massacre.

Gun Devil’s Death Count

Japan: 57,912 – Gun Devil hits for 26 Seconds
USA: 548,012 – Gun Devil hits for 124 Seconds
China: 316,932 – Gun Devil hits for 37 Seconds
Canada: 8,481 – Gun Devil hits for 7 Seconds
Soviet Union: 155,302 – Gun Devil hits for 210 Seconds
Hawaii: 780 – Gun Devil hits for 0.4 Seconds
Mexico: 6,088 – Gun Devil hits for 2 Seconds
India: 29,950 – Gun Devil hits for 15 Seconds

Makima stated that approximately 1.2 million people were killed in about 5 minutes.

Fish like Devil (Unnamed)

Killed By: Aki/Himeno

An unnamed devil in the shape of fish was killed by Aki and Himeno presumably. The death was offscreened so it was unclear how it died. Himeno though noted that it had some pieces of Gun Devil’s body and hence it was powerful.

Chapter 19

Eternity Devil

Killed By: Denji in Chainsaw Man Form

Eternity Devil trapped six-man team of Special Division 4 which included Denji. To escape the trap, Eternity Devil demanded to feed Denji’s heart. Denji realized that Eternity Devil is afraid of his chainsaws hence decides to fight it. After three days of nonstop fighting, Eternity Devil broke down from the torture and offers its core to get sliced.

Deaths in Chapter 21 to 30

NameKilled By/CauseHuman/Fiend/
Chapter 22
A Devil Hunter traveling
with Makima in train
Team C of Gun AgentsHuman
Makima(Revived Later)Team C of Gun AgentsDevil
Chapter 25
HimenoSacrificed herself as
contract for Ghost Devil
Chapter 26
Katana Man AllyKatana ManHuman
AraiElderly Gun AgentHuman
FushiGun AgentsHuman
2 Other HuntersGun AgentsHuman
Team C of Gun AgentsMakimaHumans
Chapter 27
An Unnamed Gun Agent
of Katana Man Squad
An E Team MemberMakimaHuman
Mishima Shuzo(A Gun Agent)MakimaHuman
Takashi Inoue (A Gun Agent)MakimaHuman
Several Gun Agents (26 Probably)MakimaHumans
30 Life Sentence ConvictsMakimaHumans

Chapter 22

Unnamed Devil Hunter Traveling with Makima

Killed By: Team C of Gun Agents

An unnamed Devil Hunter who was traveling with Makima to Kyoto was assassinated by Team C of Gun Agents.


Killed By: Team C of Gun Agents

Makima was assassinated by Team C of Gun Agents when she was traveling to Kyoto. She is shot dead at close range by them. As we know later in the series, she has a contract by which other people will die when she dies. Hence she got revived due to her contract.

Chapter 25

Himeno’s Death

Killed By: Sacrificed herself as
contract for Ghost Devil

Himeno sacrifices all of her to the Ghost Devil as a contract to fight Akane Sawatari and Katana Man. She does this to save Aki Hayakawa.

Chapter 26

Katana Man Ally (Unnamed)

Killed By: Katana Man

Denji tries to take one of Katana Man’s allies as a hostage to protect himself from Katana Man. Katana Man doesn’t hesitate a bit in cutting his own man into two to slice Denji.


Killed By: Elderly Gun Agent (Unnamed)

Arai who was with Kobeni is killed by an elderly Gun Agent. Arai intercepted the gun path which was aimed towards Kobeni thus saving her by giving up his own life.


Killed By: Gun Agents

Fushi is shot dead by the assassination agents in broad daylight along with another unnamed Devil hunter.

Team C of Gun Agents (Four Members)

Killed By: Makima

Makima revives after being presumably shot dead by Team C of Gun Agents. She kills all the Team C members offscreen..

Chapter 27

Two E Team Members

Killed By: Makima

Due to Makima’s ritual, two E Team members of Gun Agents die by getting flattened by an invisible force.

Mishima Shuuzou(A Gun Agent)

Killed By: Makima

Makima makes one of 30 death convicts recite “Mishima Shuzo” due to which an actual E Team member named “Mishima Shuzo” dies by getting flattened by an invisible force.

Takashi Inoue (A Gun Agent)

Killed By: Makima

Similarly as above, Makima makes another one recite the name “Takashi Inoue” and an actual person named “Takashi Inoue” dies.

Several Gun Agents (26 Probably)

Killed By: Makima

More Gun Agents members are shown dead and Makima says that she has done all she could possibly do. We can infer that she has used all the remaining convicts to kill the possible Gun Agents.

30 Life Sentence Convicts

Killed By: Makima

All the 30 convicts are used by Makima to kill the Gun Agents remotely by her ritual.

Note: Makima asked Kurose and Tendo to bring 30 death convicts but in the image above, the persons are fewer.

Deaths in Chapter 31 to 40

NameKilled By/CauseHuman/Fiend/
Chapter 34
ZombiesBeam, Violence Fiend,
Spider Devil, Angel Devil,
Chapter 38
Akane SawatariSuicide per contract
with Gun Devil

Chapter 34


Killed By: Beam, Violence Fiend,
Spider Devil, Angel Devil,

Beam, Aki Hayakawa, Violence Fiend, Spider Devil, and Angel Devil encounter several Zombies in a building in an operation led by Kishibe. It is unknown whether the humans who turned into Zombies are still alive.

Chapter 38

Akane Sawatari

Killed By: Suicide per contract
with Gun Devil

Akane Sawatari commits suicide by Snake Devil. It is assumed that Akane Sawatari has a contract with Gun Devil that triggers the above involuntarily.

Deaths in Chapter 41 to 50

NameKilled By/CauseHuman/Fiend/
Chapter 41 to 50
Chapter 41
Pig DevilAkiDevil
An unnamed
Devil Hunter
Eaten by Pig Devil/
Chapter 43
Scarred Man allied
with Typhoon Devil
Chapter 45
Three Civilian Devil HuntersRezeHumans
Chapter 46
Vice Captain of 2nd DivisionRezeHuman
Several other 2nd Div MembersRezeHumans
Chapter 48
Several HumansUnclear but assumed to be by Reze. Died in the fight between Reze and Chainsaw ManHumans

Chapter 41

Pig Devil

Killed By: Aki Hayakawa

A devil in the shape of a pig is killed by Aki Hayakawa.

An unnamed Devil Hunter

Killed By: Eaten by Pig Devil/Aki

An unnamed devil hunter is eaten by the Pig devil and asks to be killed. Aki Hayakawa kills him putting him out of misery.

Chapter 43

Scarred Man allied with Typhoon Devil

Killed By: Reze

A scarred man who has a contract with Typhoon devil tries to take Reze hostage to get Denji’s heart. Reze chokes him thus killing him.

Chapter 45

Three Civilian Devil Hunters

Killed By: Reze

Beam saves Denji from Reze and she encounters three civilian devil hunters who are reporting the situation over a walkie-talkie. Reze explodes them very easily.

Chapter 46


Killed By: Reze

Kato who is a member of Division 2 is killed by Reze in her pursuit of Denji.


Killed By: Reze

Tanabe who is a member of Division 2 is killed by Reze in her pursuit of Denji.

Masaki Ando

Killed By: Reze

Masaki Ando who is a member of Division 2 is killed by Reze in her pursuit of Denji.


Killed By: Reze

Nomo who is a member of Division 2 and also a friend of Aki is killed by Reze in her pursuit of Denji.

2nd Division Lieutenant

Killed By: Reze

2nd Division Lieutenant appears and summons Fox devil to swallow Reze. But Fox devil leaves him and Reze kills him.

Several other 2nd Div Members

Killed By: Reze

In the midst of Reze’s pursuit of Denji, several other devil hunters are killed by her.

Chapter 48

Several Humans

Killed By: Unclear

Several humans are shown dead due to the fight between Denji and Reze. We can assume that Reze is the reason behind it.

Deaths in Chapter 51 to 60

NameKilled By/CauseHuman/Fiend/
Chapter 51 to 60
Chapter 52
RezeMakima/Angel DevilHybrid
Chapter 53
American Brothers’ Parents and GrandmaGun DevilDevil
Chapter 55
KuroseAmerican BrothersHuman
TendoAmerican BrothersHuman
SubaruAmerican BrothersHuman
Chapter 56
Grape DevilViolence DevilDevil
Chapter 57
SatoPower via Car accidentHuman
Chapter 57
Kurose’s Big BrotherEaten by unknown DevilHuman
Chapter 58
Several CitiziensTurned to Dolls(Presumed to be still alive)Humans
Chapter 59
Several CitiziensTurned to Dolls(Presumed to be still alive)Humans
DollsKusakabe & NakamuraDolls (Presumed to be still human)
Chapter 60
DollsAngel DevilDolls(Presumed to be still human)
Several Hunters and DollsSliced by PingstiHumans/Dolls

Deaths in Chapter 61 to 70

NameKilled By/CauseHuman/Fiend/
Chapter 61 to 70
Chapter 63
TolkaTurned to Doll by Real Santa ClausHuman
Elderly Fake Santa Claus As a Sacrifice to Hell Devil by Santa ClausDoll
Three Children who were payment to Santa Claus As a Sacrifice to Hell Devil by Santa ClausHumans
Chapter 65
Stone DevilDarkness DevilDevil
KusakabeDarkness DevilHuman
BeamDarkness DevilFiend
Violence FiendDarkness DevilFiend
Tamaoki(Probably)Darkness DevilHuman
Chapter 66
PrinzSacrifice to bring Makima to HellDevil
Tolka/Doll DevilSacrifice to Hell Devil to bring everyone back to earth.(On Influence of Makima)Devil
Chapter 68
LongTurned to Doll by Santa ClausFiend
PingstiTurned to Doll by Santa ClausFiend
Chapter 70
Santa ClausCosmo FiendHuman

Deaths in Chapter 71 to 80

NameKilled By/CauseHuman/Fiend/
Chapter 71 to 80
Chapter 74
Angel Devil’s Past Friends of 8 presumably Angel Devil under influence of MakimaHumans
Chapter 75
Several Humans in Nikaho city (List Below here) Gun DevilHumans
Chapter 76
Angel DevilMakima (Assumed)Devil
AkiGun DevilHuman
Chapter 78
Several CiviliansAki as Gun FiendHumans
Chapter 79
Aki as Gun FiendChainsaw ManFiend

Deaths in Chapter 81 to 90

NameKilled By/CauseHuman/Fiend/
Chapter 81
Chapter 83
Anti Makima Squad of 6Sacrifice for Hell DevilHumans
Few Other Members of SquadChainsaw Man or Makima (Unclear)Humans
Chapter 84
Several DevilsChainsaw Man FormDevils
Nazi DevilEaten by Chainsaw Man FormDevil
World War 2 DevilEaten by Chainsaw Man FormDevil
SOA DevilEaten by Chainsaw Man FormDevil
AIDS DevilEaten by Chainsaw Man FormDevil
Nuclear Weapons DevilEaten by Chainsaw Man FormDevil
Mt.Hio Eruption DevilEaten by Chainsaw Man FormDevil
Chapter 85
A Burger Restaurant CustomerChainsaw ManHuman
Mascot of Burger RestaurantChainsaw ManHuman
Burger Restaurant OwnerChainsaw ManHuman
Chapter 86
A Burger Restaurant EmployeeChainsaw ManHuman
A unnamed devil hunterChainsaw ManHuman
Chapter 87
Weapon Devils and Four Horsemen (In past)Consumed by Chainsaw Man but existence remains. Devils
Chapter 89
Makima – Killed 26 Times Chainsaw ManDevil

Deaths in Chapter 91 to 97

NameKilled By/CauseHuman/Fiend/
Chapter 91
Two Unnamed Devil HuntersPowerHumans
Chapter 95
Random CivilianAs per contract to Makima.Human
Chapter 96
Chapter 97
An unnamed DevilChainsaw ManDevil

Remaining Chapters will be updated shortly!!!!

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