Chainsaw Man: Why Is Chainsaw Devil So Strong?

Chainsaw man is one of the best new-generation manga currently in Shonen Jump. Chainsaw Man series takes place in a world that is filled with devils. Out of all the devils in existence, Chainsaw Devil is considered to be the most feared.

Why is Chainsaw Devil So strong?

The reason why Chainsaw Devil is so strong is that it is the only devil that can erase other devils from existence. It is the fear of devils itself that makes Chainsaw Devil so strong and feared even among the devils.

Let us explore all the clues throughout the series.

List Of Characters That Wanted Pochita’s Heart

Right from the start, a lot of devils wanted to acquire Pochita’s heart. Since Pochita’s heart is inside Denji now, he was getting targetted by a lot of devils throughout the series.

  • Makima
  • Gun Devil
  • Darkness Devil
  • Reze
  • Quanxi
  • Santa Claus
  • Eternity Devil

Angel Devil’s Words

The next clue we get about Chainsaw Devil’s secret is via Angel Devil’s dialogue. He mentions two important points.

  • Devils don’t truly die in the truest sense. Even if the devils die, they will come back to life in another form as long as people remember the devils’ names. Only that they revive in Hell, not in earth.
  • Devils who die in Hell get revived on Earth only that they don’t remember their memories in Hell. The only thing they remember is the “BRROOM” sound that is the same as Chainsaw Devil’s engine.

Makima’s Words

Makima reveals to Kishibe that Chainsaw Devil is known as the Hero of Hell. She also states that Chainsaw Devil is the devil that devils fear most. The devils that get eaten by Chainsaw Man are erased from existence.

Also, devils associated with Nazis, World War 2, SOA, AIDS, Nuclear Weapons, Mount Hio eruptions, etc are completely erased from existence because of Chainsaw Man. He ate those devils thus erasing them.


Chainsaw Man’s physical abilities include immense speed, immense durability, immense strength, etc. The supernatural powers include erasing the devil from history, chain entanglement, immense healing factor, etc.

He defeated even Hell Devil and several other devils in Hell when he went there during the battle with Hell Devil.

Primal fear Devils are the most feared and most powerful of all devils. Even someone like Makima struggled against Darkness Devil. Even Darkness devil wanted the heart of Pochita which should give an idea about the strength of the Chainsaw Devil.


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