Top 25 Best Chainsaw Man Panels in Part 1.

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Chainsaw Man is one of the best Shonen series that is currently running with its popularity in steep raise. Filled with surrealism, gore and lot of devils, Chainsaw Man is a new fan favorite.

Chainsaw Man is filled with several beautiful panels and it is tough to choose just 25 out of them. There were around 65 panels shortlisted in first iteration and based on criteria I chose the following panels. Both artistic value and the impact in the story are considered as criteria.

Honorable Mentions – Best Manga Panels that didn’t make the final list.

25. Get Together

Chapter No: 20

It is one of the rarest wholesome and happy panels in the series and that warranted a position in the list. It is a newbie welcome party for division 4. Most of the characters ends up dead later in the series and to look at this pic in hindsight will surely put a smile in reader’s face.

24. Open It! Don’t Open it!

Chapter No: 81

The mysterious door was teased throughout the series and Pochita warned Denji not to open the door in his dreams. The build up leading to this moment was intense. Makima outright claimed that she will kill Power who was at the other end of the door and asks Denji to open the door. The walk to the door with a “Lucifer falling from heaven” portrait at the backdrop makes this panel amazing.

23. Kon

Chapter No: 10

“Kon” has been used several times in the series and each time it looks majestic. For this list, I have decided to include the first time it was shown in this series. The way Aki positioned his palm in the shape of a fox and then the actual Fox Devil gets summoned was amazing visually.

22. Denji vs Zombie Devil

Chapter No: 1

There are several panels through the series where Denji is in blood bath with several other enemies at the same time. But the most iconic panel among them for me will be the first time Denji became the Chainsaw Man. He slices up every zombies in his sight seemingly enjoying it with his tongue out like a dog.

21. Makima pulls Pochita’s Heart

Chapter No:95

Makima pulls out Pochita who lives as Denji’s heart. The events leading to this panel where Makima bodies Denji in a fist fight were amazing and handled well. Seeing Pochita as Denji;s heart in flesh with several graves at the back was brilliantly done.

20. Sharknado

Chapter No: 50

Sharknado series is a cult classic which is satire in nature. This scene when Denji rode Beam in his shark form and the chapter name being aptly named “Sharknado” is a genius writing in comedy. Denji mistook Beam suggestion to use Chainsaws better and instead starts riding Beam to fight Reze.

19. Aki vs Katana Man

Chapter No: 24

All hybrids have amazing character design and Katana Man is no exception. Before this moment, Aki defeated Katana Man. But he revives by getting blood and attacks Aki in the blink of an eye and cuts him. The panel is visually amazing with the usage of dark shades and splattering of blood.

18. The Hand

Chapter No: 63

This is the first panel in this list which can be said to be surrealistic in nature. There were several panels during the trip to Hell which were dreamlike and surreal and each deserves a spot here.

This event occurs when Hell Devil is summoned to transport everyone in that building to hell. And this large hand appears and transports all the people to hell. Everything in this panel gives you a sense of world in nightmare with a severed hand with ants crawling, plants and flowers.

17. Kobeni Dance

Chapter No: 86

This panel is one of the funniest panel in the whole series. Pochita fulfilled Denji’s wish of dating a girl by taking Kobeni and making her dance. The way Kobeni dances with fear and tears rolling in her eyes is weirdly funny. Also the panel is drawn amazingly to show her dance moves.

16. Chainsaw Devil versus Weapon Devils

Chapter No: 87

In this panel, Denji is confronted by the weapon devils who are in the form of hybrids. We can see Reze, Katana Man, Quanxi and three other new hybrids fight against Chainsaw Devil. Chainsaw Devil stands there unfazed despite the attacks from everywhere.

15. Chainsaw Devil in Outer Space

Chapter No: 88

Makima sent Chainsaw Man into space using her power. This panel which shows us the view from above the earth in the space is absolutely majestic. Also it showed the high scale of this battle and how powerful both Makima and Chainsaw Man are.

14. Makima meets Reze from a sea of Rats

Chapter No: 52

Another Makima Panel!!! This panel exemplifies how terrifying and scary Makima actually is. Considering this panel came at the time when Makima was still a mystery, this panel sends chills to readers. The way it was drawn with Makima coming out from a sea of rats is simply amazing.

13. People Sliced by Quanxi

Chapter No: 60

Quanxi dashes forward slicing everyone in two even without them realizing. And this panel of all the dolls split into two was one of the most beautiful panel in the series. The panorama view of the room with upper part of the bodies floating like they are in zero gravity allows this panel to be in the list.

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12. Chainsaw Devil Full Form Introduction.

Chapter No: 83

Denji gets transformed into Chainsaw Man full form unlike the usual hybrid form. He one shots the powerful Hell Devil like it was nothing. This panel which shows the fully transformed Denji with Hell Devil’s blood splattering is one of the most iconic moment in the series.

11. Makima revives after being dead in train

Chapter No: 26

Up until this point, Makima was a complete mystery. We knew she has to be powerful since everyone respects her highly. But this panel is what epitomized Makima’s character and how truly scary she can be.

She got up unfazed despite being dead a while ago and gives off a terrifying look without saying a word and all this happens in blood soaked dress. This is one of my favorite panel in the whole series but artistically it is fairly simple compared to others hence ranked low.

10. Three Children taken as Sacrifice by Hell Devil

Chapter No: 63

Another panel that has surrealism and dreamlike art in it. This event occurred when Hell Devil takes the three children as part of the contract offered by Santa Claus to transport Denji and the group to Hell. The way a single finger hides the three children’s faces in this panel reminded of the daylight horror genre.

9. Denji Kills Aki(Gun Fiend)

Chapter No: 79

This is the most saddest panel in the series for me. Aki’s fight with Denji which Aki thought was a Snow ball fight is one of the most saddest fight I have ever seen. Aki is such a tragic character that even his death was so tragic and undeserving. He became the Gun Devil Fiend, the one which he despised throughout his life. The look of Denji in disbelief in this panel aptly matches the readers’ look.

8. Children in Church Massacre

Chapter No: 75

Gun Devil was hyped up for the majority of the series as the endgame villain. Fujimoto had to justify the lore and hype behind Gun Devil’s notority and this single panel exemplifies Gun Devil’s danger perfectly.

Gun Devil’s first kills when it appeared were these children who were singing a church choir. This panel is almost poetic in a scary way. Also the names of everyone it killed shown in the panel is such an intelligent way to give a realistic feel of these events.

7. Makima in Shrine with 30 Life term Convicts

Chapter No: 27

Yes, Another Makima centered panel!!! This is the first time where we see Makima’s powers in action. We knew Makima has to be insanely powerful due to her stature and the vibe she gave off.

But this panel completely blew our mind. Makima is capable of killing people several kilometers away with no real effort. This whole event proceeds like a forbidden ritual and that too in front of a shrine.

6. Power Killed by Makima

Chapter No: 81

The buildup to this panel was already discussed in the point 24. In this panel, Makima obliterates Power’s central body using her power right infront of Denji who is in absolute shock and disbelief. Visually, this panel is so beautiful with the converging hallway in the backdrop.

5. Makima’s Power Activated

Chapter No: 75

The much hyped Gun Devil finally appears and it is Makima who will face it instead of Aki or Denji as foreshadowed. Makima was revealed as the Control Devil and seemingly everyone is under her control.

The way that power was activated with chain coming out of her like an angel spreading its wings is a creative brilliance. She is a devil hiding like an angel in plain sight. Also the halo at top of her head was a nice touch.

4. Darkness Devil Cuts everyone

Chapter No: 64

Darkness is one the devils of primal fear. So it has to be insanely powerful and this panel showcases it perfectly. Darkness devil cuts everybody’s arms like it was nothing and the symmetrical way it was drawn makes this aesthetically beautiful.

3. Gun Devil Revealed

Chapter No: 75

As I said already Gun Devil was hyped up to be the final boss for majority of the series. And its appearance absolutely matched the expectations everyone had.

The human faces in its abdomen, the guns as its arms and the bullet rolls as its limbs are just majestic and visually stunning. Also the names of people it killed, added in this panel makes it more terrifying.

2. Darkness Devil Intro with Astronauts

Chapter No: 64

No one knows how hell looks and we always imagine it be some sort of chaotic torture room. Hence the void, calm and surreal image of the hell actually turned out to be more scary and gave a sense of hopelessness to the readers.

Darkness devil walking in this hell between the row of bisected astronauts is the scariest depiction of a devil in the series. Everyone is afraid of darkness and hence the devil equivalent of it is insanely powerful.

This introduction is perfect as it shows Hell’s emptiness, Darkness Devil’s power and the feeling of helplessness felt by the characters.

1. Cosmos Infinite world of Halloween

Chapter No: 70

We have already seen several panels which were filled with surrealistic drawings but none could compare to his one. Humans are afraid of the vastness of the endless Universe.

The way this concept was implemented was visually breathtaking as Santa Claus falls into a seemingly bottomless pit of knowledge of the universe.

Humans can be considered insignificant in the grand scheme of things in this vast universe and Santa Claus drew so small compared to the abundant books on the shelf reiterates this fact beautifully.

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Final Thoughts

This list is highly subjective and I listed my favorite ones. If you have any other choices, comment your favorites below.

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