My Hero Academia Best Quirks -All 116 Quirks ranked.

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My Hero Academia is one of the most popular modern day anime series. The story takes place in a world of heroes and villains having superpowers called “Quirks“. All the quirks have their unique traits providing both advantages and disadvantages to the user.

I have ranked them primarily based on their combat value but also considered took their other uses in consideration. I have considered the canon quirks that are shown in anime till Season 4 and hence keeping the article spoiler free.

Instead of choosing top 10 or top 20, I ranked every quirks shown in anime to make it more interesting.


Quirk: Horn

User: Daikaku

Just a pair of horns that is completely useless for combat or anything.


Quirk: Gecko

User: Spinner

This quirk gives Spinner an appearance of a reptile and helps him cling to walls. It is nothing impressive even in mutant types.


Quirk: Attraction of Small Objects

User: Inko Midoriya

This quirk allows Inko to attract small objects similar to a gravity related quirk. From what is shown till now it isn’t that powerful.


Quirk: Tail

User: Mashirao Ojiro

Tail acts as the third limb for Ojiro and is more strong than other limbs. It is quite powerful yet compared to other varied and versatile quirks higher up in the list it pales.


Quirk: Telescope

User: Tatami Nakagame

Telescopic allows Tatami to retract her own body parts into herself, similar to how a turtle can retract itself into its shell. Main usage is for defense and evasion.


Quirk: Glycerin

User: Masaru Bakugo


Quirk: Acid Sweat

User: Mitsuki Bakugo

Masaru can secrete an acidic sweat with combustive and explosive properties. Since he cannot secrete like his son, the use of this is very limited.


Quirk: Good Ear

User: Sirius

Good Ear allows Sirius to hear high frequencies that humans normally cannot. Has no direct combat ability but it can be really useful in specific cases.


Quirk: Dupli Arms

User: Mezo Shoji

Mezo has a set of arm-like tentacles that can transform into duplicates of his other body parts like ears, eyes, mouths etc. It is very versatile but still susceptible to physical injuries.


Quirk: Frog

User: Tsuyu Asui

This quirk gives her several frog abilities like wall clinging, extending tongue, camouflage and fast swimming.


Quirk: Food

User: Soramitsu Tabe

Food allows Soramitsu to bite, chew, and digest anything that he is able to come into direct contact with.


Quirk: Big Fist

User: Itsuka Kendo

This quirk allows Itsuka to enlarge her hands to enormous sizes. This gives her enormous physical strength.


Quirk: Foresight

User: Nighteye

This quirk gives Nighteye the target’s future moves and actions for an entire hour. Though it doesn’t provide direct combat ability it can be quite useful in big operations.


Quirk: Air Walk

User: All For One

It is one of All for one’s accumulated quirk. It allows the user to leviate in mid-air.


Quirk: Magnetism

User: Kenji Hikiishi

This quirk allows the user to magnetize the peoples nearby making them attract/repel people of opposite genders.


Quirk: Zero Gravity

User: Ochaco Uraraka

This allows Ochaco to remove the effects of gravity on things when she touches her. This quirk can be useful in non combat situations like rescue but quite limited in combat.


Quirk: Sugar Rush

User: Rikido Sato

Sugar rush allows Sato to increase his strength five-fold for three minutes for every 10 grams of sugar he ingests. It has several negative effects like low intelligence and lethargy.


Quirk: Spotted Seal

User: Selkie

Spotted seal grants Selkie abilities of a seal that can be used both on water and land.


Quirk: Larceny

User: Toya Setsuno

Larceny allows Toya to take any object that their target possesses and bring to his hand.


Quirk: Vitality Stealing

User: Rikiya Katsukme

By making physical contact, Rikiya can absorb the vitality of others giving himself more stamina and an increase increase in size and strength.


Quirk: Shoulder-Mounted Jets

User: Nomu

Shoulder jets on Nomu allows it to fly at high-speed in mid-air.


Quirk: Engine

User: Lida


Quirk: Sandstorm

User: Snatch

This allows the user to turn upper body to sand thus making one unsusceptible to physical attacks and even decay attacks and fire attacks.


Quirk: Warping

User: All For One

Warping allows All for one to create a portal to transfer a person to one place to other. Targets are limited to being brought to or sent away from user.


Quirk: Scales

User: Hiryu Rin

Scales allows Rin to form scales throughout his entire body to use as armor. It is inferior to other armor like quirks that we will see later.


Quirk: Elasiticity

User: Danjuro Tobita

This quirk allows Gentle Criminal to give any material he touches the property of elasticity.


Quirk: Solid Air

User: Kosei Tsuburaba

This quirk allows Kosei to solidify air to create wall or spherical enclosement to capture opponents.


Quirk: Strongarm

User: Kendo Rappa

This allowd Kendo Rappa to rotate and move his shoulders at extreme speed and power giving strong punches.


Quirk: Gatling

User: Gunhead

By giving gun-like organs in his arms, this quirk allows him to shoot claw-like objects.


Quirk: Octopus

User: Innsmouth

Octopus provides Innsmouth with the physiology and skills of an octopus, such as multiple elastic appendages, suckers and the ability to spit ink from its siphon-like mouth.


Quirk: Stiffening

User: Shikkui Makabe

Stiffening allows Makabe to harden anything he touches as tough as concrete.


Quirk: Gas

User: Mustard

Gas gives the user an ability to generate a poisonous, sleep-inducing gas from his body. Unfortunately it effects himself hence it is lower in the list.


Quirk: Extend-o-Hair

User: Nagamasa Mora

Hair can be manipulated to grow and move in all directions providing an armor around his whole body. Hair is very resilient and indestructible.


Quirk: Hair raiser

User: Brave

Mr.Brave can harden and extend hair strands that he plucks from his head and can even shapeshift them to act as weapon.


Quirk: Blood Control

User: Sekijiro Kan

Blood control allows Vlad King to manipulate his own blood after it leaves his body. He can harden it thus making it a solid weapon.


Quirk: Vines

User: Ibara Shiozaki

Ibara has throny hairs that can be extended or maniulated to bind foes or snatch objects. The magnitude of the length of the hair makes it very versatile.


Quirk: Arbor

User: Kamui woods

Arbor allows Kamui Woods to generate and control wood from any part of his body which ca nextend over large distance.


Quirk: Chronostatis

User: Hari Kurono

Chronostasis grants Hari arrow-shaped hair that can extend itself in a straight line and cut others, slowing down targets if hit.


Quirk: Permeation

User: Mirio Togata

Permeation grants Mirio the ability to phase his body through physical matter. In theory it may look really powerful but as we have seen it has several disadvantages.


Quirk: Jet

User: Gran Torino

Jet grants Gran Torino the ability to fly by expelling air from open holes on the soles of his feet.


Quirk: Foldabody

User: Shinya Kamihara

Edgeshot can manipulate the thinness of his body as well as stretch his limbs. By using this he can make himself like a blade.


Quirk: Mimicry

User: Joi Irinaka.

Mimicry allows Joi to transfer his own body and mind into solid objects, and manipulate them as though the object was his actual body.


Quirk: Centipede

User: Centipeder

Centipede grants Centipeder long, centipede-like limbs but the reason is high up on this list is he has venomous pincers.


Quirk: Moonfish

User: Blade tooth

Blade-Tooth grants Moonfish the ability to enlarge and reshape his teeth into sharp blades. Moonfish uses his Quirk to increase his mobility and attack his targets from a distance.


Quirk: Voice

User: Present Mic

Voice allows present mic to increase the volume of his voice giving him ability to create loud and high-pitched sounds.


Quirk: Anivoice

User: Koji Koda

Anivoice allows Koji to communicate with and command animals through speech. It is very versatile that he can even communicate with insects.


Quirk: Object Gigantification

User: Unnamed Seijin High School student

This quirk allows the user to gigantify the objects one touches.


Quirk: Glamour

User: Camie

Camie can create both visual and auditory illusions for a short period of time due to this quirk.


Quirk: Gigantification

User: Mt. Lady

Gigantification allows Mt.Lady to increase her size to gigantic sizes which provides her great physical strength.


Quirk: Orcinus

User: Gang Orca

Orcinus is the summation of Kugo’s many Killer Orca-related abilities. He can do anything a regular orca can do coupled with ability to provide hyperosonic waves that paralyze opponents.


Quirk: Fierce wings

User: Hawks

Hawks has red wings made up of dozens of feathers which he can freely manipulate each individual feather using his mind. Feathers are stiff and flexible as seen when a single feather can carry a person.


Quirk: Super Regeneration

User: Nomu

Super Regeneration has the ability to regenerate any sort of injuries even missing limbs, at incredible speeds. It takes enormous physical force to counter it.


Quirk: Tape

User: Hanta Sero

Tape allows Sero to eject adhesive tape from openings located on both of his elbows. His quirk is limited but plenty to utilize various offensive, defensive and movement purposes.


Quirk: Watergun

User: Kota Izumi

Water Gun allows Kota to shoot a stream of water from his hands. It might seem weak due to how Izumi uses it but creating water enough to put out fires in forest can be quite effective when he learns to control it.


Quirk: Homing

User: Snipe

Homing allows Snipe to control the trajectory of his projectiles with perfect precision. Quirks that can allow you to combat in long ranges are really powerful.


Quirk: Tool Arms

User: Nomu

Tool arms which is used by a Chainsaw Nomu allows it to have chainsaw like arms which can be very useful in combat.


Quirk: Sloshed

User: Deidoro Sakaki

Sloshed causes anyone who approaches Deidoro to lose their sense of balance, falling into a state similar to inebriation. The user can hide from view thus making it difficult to defeat him.


Quirk: Electrification

User: Denki Kaminari

Electrification gives Denki the ability to charge in electricity and emit it out of his body as a sort of protective aura that electrocutes anyone through contact. It is really overpowered but it is wasteful long range and also makes his brain shortcircuited.


Quirk: Boomerang

User: Itejiro Toteki

Boomerang seemingly allows the user to control the trajectory of objects the user throws. This quirk helps in long range combat and can be quite versatile as well.


Quirk: Clones

User: Ectoplasm

Clones quirk allow Ectoplasm to create clones by releasing a semi solid substance from his house. He can create several clones at a time and they all share knowledge.


Quirk: Air Cannon

User: All For One

Air Cannon allows All For One to release an air shockwave from his arms. Cannons can take several forms and the effect is quite powerful and long range suited.


Quirk: Cement

User: Cementoss

Cementoss can control the cement present in his surroundings and manipulate it to any shape he wants. It gives huge advantage in urban areas due to adundance of concrete.


Quirk: Cemedine

User: Kojiro Bondo

Cemedine allows Kojiro to spray liquid from his head that has glue properte. Once it hits something, the glue will either harden up and trap whatever it makes contact with or make it sticky and dangerous to touch


Quirk: Hardening

User: Eijiro Kirishima

Hardening gives Eijiro the power to harden any part of his body. Hardening protects Eijiro from most physical threats. This quirk is the start of quite a lot of similar quirks in the list.


Quirk: Steel

User: Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu.

Steel allows Tetsutetsu to turn his skin into steel thus protecting him from physical attacks and provides him power to break most things.


Quirk: Fat Absorption

User: Fat Gum

Fat Absorption grants Taishiro the ability to stick any objects to his body and make them sink into his body fat upon contact with it. It protects him from blades, bullets and other physical attacks.


Quirk: Vibrate

User: Yo Shindo

Vibrate gives Yo Shindo the ability to generate vibrations that can travel through virtually any medium. Very effective in long range combat and can be quite versatile.


Quirk: Transform

User: Himiko Toga

Toga can transform to any person whose blood she consumes. This quirk though don’t provide direct combat ability it can be used in quite a number of ways.


Quirk: Invisibility

User: Toru Hagakure

Invisibility allows her as the name invisible power. Though she does nothing in the series this quirk is very powerful in both combat and other activities.


Quirk: IQ

User: Saiko Intelli

This allows her to enhance her intelligence by multiplying her IQ temporarily after consuming tea. Knowledge is power and one with that is


Quirk: High Spec

User: Nezu

This quirk allowed Nezu, an animal, unparalleled intelligence, perception higher than that of humans. High intelligence power cannot be comprehended since it can be used in endless ways.


Quirk: Absorption and Release

User: Four-Eyed Nomu

This Quirk allows the Nomu to absorb emitter attacks and send them back, but it still takes damage from the initial attack


Quirk: Crystallize

User: Yu Hojo

Crystallize allows Yu to grow a large number of crystals from his body, completely covering his skin with them. This acts as a protective barrier against physical attacks and he can also create a sword using crystals.


Quirk: Dragon

User: Ryukyu

Dragon allows Ryuko to transform into a dragon, a powerful mythological creature. This is definitely the strongest mutant quirk in the series we have seen.


Quirk: Muscle Augmentation

User: Muscular

Muscle Augmentation is a Quirk that gives its user the ability to amplify, and to a degree, manipulate their muscles, granting a significant increase in strength, speed, and durability. It even managed to content with One For All at 100%.


Quirk: Manifest

User: Tamaki Amajiki.

Manifest grants Tamaki the ability to enhance his limbs with the characteristics of anything he consumes. He can manifest any food he has eaten and this makes this quirk quite versatile and powerful.


Quirk: Sludge Form

User: Sludge Villain

This Quirk transforms the user into a mud-like substance which makes him imune to physical attacks. It also gives the user to take over another person’s body and use their Quirk against their will.


Quirk: Fiber Master

User: Best Jeanist

Fiber Master allows Tsunagu to freely control fiber of all types and has telekinetic dominance over the threads.


Quirk: Whirlwind

User: Inasa Yoarashi

Whirlwind grants Inasa the ability to completely control the air around him. He can create even strong tornadoes with high destructive power.


Quirk: Acid

User: Mina Ashido

This quirk allows Mina to create corrosive acid from her skin. It can produce acid to melt solid objects even metal ones. It will be useful against most quirks and also capable of both long range and close combat.


Quirk: Bloodcurdle

User: Stain

Bloodcurdle allows Stain to temporarily paralyze an opponent by ingesting samples of their blood. It is a knockout quirk but method of activating the quirk by ingesting blood can be difficult.


Quirk: Black Hole

User: Thirteen

Black Hole allows Thirteen to create small black holes through her fingers. The black holes suck in and disintegrate any matter at the atomic level. She is immune to her own quirk and is quite difficult to control.


Quirk: Somnambulist

User: Midnight

It put targets to sleep by exuding a sleep-inducing aroma from her skin. It is another one of those knock out type quirks where she can defeat anyone who inhales aroma. The reason it is low in the list is it can be easily avoided by having preventive masks and also it doesn’t provide any combat abilities.


Quirk: Wave Motion

User: Nejire Hado

Wave Motion grants Nejire the ability to convert her vitality into energy that she can discharge as blast waves.


Quirk: Explosion

User: Katsuki Bakugo

Explosion allows Katsuki to excrete nitroglycerin-like sweat from his palms and ignite it at will to create explosions of various sizes.


Quirk: Dark Shadow

User: Fumikage Tokoyami

Dark Shadow grants Fumikage a shadowy, monster-like being from within his body that he can materialize and de-materialize at will. It is sentient and even capable of speech but can be difficult to control.


Quirk: Earth Flow

User: Ryuko Tsuchikawa.

Earth Flow allows Ryuko to manipulate the earth around her, being able to mold it into anything she wants.The range is very high and she can even create avalanches.


Quirk: Double

User: Jin Bubaigawara

Double allowed Jin to create a copy of anything, two at a time, through touch. He cannot control the quirk well but the quirk is very powerful. Since each double can create a double of its own this quirk is very overpowered.


Quirk: Cremation

User: Dabi

Similar to Endeavor, Dabi’s Quirk grants him pyrokinetic abilities. Dabi’s flames are blue in color, and he’s capable of generating and manipulating them at will. But he cannot handle the heat which puts this quirk slightly below.


Quirk: Hellflame

User: Endeavor

Hell flame is an extremely powerful quirk that gives Endeavor pyrokinetic abilities.He can generate large fire blasts and can cover his body with flames. He can even control the temperature of the flames.


Quirk: Decay

User: Tomura Shigaraki

This quirk allows Tomura to destroy anything he touches. Being very lethal against living things this provides him huge advantage against most people.


Quirk: Creation

User: Momo Yaoyorozu

This quirk allows her to create different objects from any parts of her body. She can literally materialize any quirks just from her fat. The usage of the quirks is only limited by her imagination and the amount of fat stored.


Quirk: Half Hot Half Cold

User: Shoto Todoroki

Half-Cold Half-Hot allows Todoroki to generate flames from the left and ice from the right side of his body. It doesn’t have the negative effects like in Endeavor and both powers can cover large area thus making it one of the most over powered quirk in the universe.


Quirk: Erasure

User: Shota Aizawa

Erasure allows Shota to cancel out other Quirk powers and abilities simply by looking at the target. It doesn’t provide any combat ability but it can neutralize the strongest of the quirks thus equaling the field.


Quirk: Warp Gate

User: Kurogiri

Erasure allows Shota to cancel out other Quirk powers and abilities simply by looking at the target. It doesn’t provide any combat ability but it can neutralize the strongest of the quirks thus equaling the field.


Quirk: Copy

User: Neito Monoma

This allows Neito to utilize a Quirk after coming into contact with its respective user. There are certain restrictions to it but still the scope of this quirk is very high and definitely one of the most overpowered quirk ever.


Quirk: Meatball

User: Seiji Shishikura

Definitely the most underrated Quirk in the series and noone talks about it as one of the strongest. This quirk allows him to manipulate his own flesh and separate them at will. Main reason it is high up in this list is he can fight from distance and the opponent can be knocked out if they come into contact with his meatballs.


Quirk: Brainwasing

User: Shinso

Brainwashing allows Hitoshi to assume control of anyone who responds to one of his statements, forcing them to do as he says. He just needs to make opponent to answer to his quirk to take activation. Another one of knock out quirks that is very overpowered.


Quirk: Compress

User: Atsuhiro Sako

This quirk allows him to shrink down anything inside a spherical marble. He just needs to touch the target with his hand. People underestimate this quirk’s power since it is possessed by Sako who isn’t as important as others.


Quirk: Overhaul

User: Kai Chisaki

Overhaul gives Kai the ability to disassemble and then reassemble matter with his bare hands. It enables him to disassemble and reassemble both living and non living things. Another one of knock out quirk that requires him to just touch the opponent to defeat him.


Quirk: Rewind

User: Eri

Rewind gives Eri the ability to reverse a being’s body back to a previous state. Capable of reverting the people to a point they even existed. It is another one of knock out powers that makes the user invincible.


Quirk: One For All

User: All Might / Izuku Midoriya

One For All can even grant the user an exceptional physical raw power and boost to their given Quirk if they have one. The core of One For All has grown in strength from being passed from user to user. It also grants the current user the ability to access all the previous users’ Quirks.


Quirk: All For One

User: All For One

All For One allows the user to steal the Quirks of other people, and wield those stolen powers as their own, or to transfer them to someone else. Definitely the most powerful Quirk as the scope is theoretically endless.

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Final Thoughts:

Definition of “strongest” is very subjective and some may prefer this list to be different. So If you have any thoughts do share it in the comments.

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