Picking Starting 7 in Haikyuu Japan Olympics Volleyball Team

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Haikyuu is one of the best sports anime of all time and has set the benchmark very high for any future sports series. The beauty of Haikyuu lies in its brilliant and realistic depiction of Volleyball, staying true to its genre. With amazing characters and with no unnecessary side plots, Haikyuu is a must watch masterpiece for any anime fan.

Hinata finally makes it to Japan National Volleyball Team and plays in 2021 Tokyo Olympics along with Kageyama and others. Let us first look who made it to the final 12 and later we will pick the strongest starting 7 out of the 12.

Japan National Volleyball Team in 2021 Tokyo Olympics

NamePositionCurrent ClubHeight Reach
Hinata ShoyoOppositeAsas Sao Paulo(Brazil)350 cm
Tobio KageyamaSetterAli Roma (Italy)348 cm
Sakusa KiyoomiOutside HitterMSBY Black Jackals345 cm
Miya AtsumuSetterMSBY Black Jackals342 cm
Hyakuzawa YudaiMiddle BlockerJapan Railway Warriors346 cm
Gao HakubaMiddle BlockerTachibana Red Falcons350 cm
Komori MotoyaLiberoEastern Japan Paper Mills Raijin330 cm
Yaku MorisukeLiberoCheegle Ekaterinburg (Russia)325 cm
Hoshiumi KouraiOutside HitterSchweiden Alders351 cm
Ushijima WakatoshiOppositeSchweiden Alders348 cm
Kotaro BokutoOutside HitterMSBY Black Jackals348 cm
Aran OjiroOutside HitterTachibana Red Falcons
Hajime IwaizumiTrainerJapan National Volleyball Team

Starting the choosing 7

We have to choose 1 setter from the 2 in the team, 2 Outside hitters from the 4 available, 1 Opposite from the 2, 1 Libero from 2 and the 2 Middle blockers select themselves.


Options: Komori Motoya | Yaku Morisuke

Komori Motoya from Eastern Japan Paper Mills Raijin and Yaki Morisuke from Cheegle Ekaterinburg (Russia) are our candidates for the single Libero position. This position is tricky to pick since we don’t see any of them in action in their professional careers.

We know that Komori was part of National Youth Training Camp which included other prodigies like Kageyama, Sakusa, Miya etc while Yaku wasn’t selected. While it isn’t right to look at school records in deciding the team for National Team it provides some insights about their level during High school.

Meanwhile Yaku on the other hand is playing in Russian Volleyball Super League which is considered one of the strongest leagues in the world. Keeping that in mind Yaku can be deemed better suited. But these points prove nothing as Yaku might have been just a substitute for all we know.

Nevertheless I am going to pick Yaku for this one as he is playing in a tougher league though logically there cannot be a decision made here.

Libero: Yaku Morisuke

Middle Blockers

Options: Gao Hakuba | Hyakuzawa Yudai

Middle blockers are pretty straight forward to pick since there are only two players available for the two positions. Gao Hakuba is really talented as we had seen from his Kamomedai days and Hyakuzawa wasn’t impressive during High school but clearly had talent and natural advantage of height.

Middle Blockers: Gao Hakuba | Hyakuzawa Yudai


Options: Kageyama Tobio| Miya Atsumu

Miya Atsumu is highly talented and his records are there to see. He is really accurate with his tosses and also isn’t a conservative or a conventional type of setter. He is a dynamic setter that tries crazy stuffs in the court and can play in any type of team.

Having said that Kageyama is on whole other level. He can do everything that Miya does and does things that no one in the world can do. With the skill sets he has shown it mightn’t be far fetched to say that he is the Best Setter in the world.

Miya Atsumu will probably start for most of the national teams around the world unfortunately cannot for Japan. Kageyama is without doubt the best player in the Japan team.

Setter: Tobio Kageyama


Options: Ushijima Wakatoshi | Hinata Shoyo

This is quite tricky to choose since both of them are extremely different in what they provide to the team. Ushijima is a modern Opposite who excels in attacking in all rotations and Hinata is a traditional allrounder (Atleast that is what he played in club.) who excels in all the things in the game.

Both have one problem with them, Ushijima’s gamestyle is slightly one dimensional as we have seen from his High school career to early National team career. Hinata isn’t very effective in blocks since his natural disadvantage in height will prove detrimental in blocking. Both complements each other and brings something different to the team.

Hinata traditional allrounder role is outdated nowadays as everyone in the team are expected to be great at defending and setters and liberos take care of setting from anywhere in the court. A traditional allrounder isn’t needed anymore in the game but Hinata has the advantage of crazy quicks with Kageyama as setter.

Ushijima’s opposite role provides so much flexibility to the team and he is the only one in the team (Maybe Aran) who can be called a cannon and can be useful to break the blocks with pure force. I have to go with Ushijima on the Opposite role mainly due to the uniqueness of the position (modern opposite) he plays in.

Opposite: Ushijima Wakatoshi

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Outside Hitters

Options: Kotaro Bokuto | Hoshiumi Kourai| Sakusa Kiyoomi | Aran Ojiro

We have to pick two players for this role. Sakusa Kiyoomi is definitely the best of them all from what we have seen from his High school days and in his University career (where he even got MVP award) and in his club career. His selection is a no brainer.

On similar way of thinking we can eliminate Aran Ojiro from the starting 7. He wasn’t as impressive as others in High school days as he was slightly outside the top 5 in Japan and we haven’t seen anything about him in club career. From the limited knowledge we can drop him to the bench.

Now for the final point the toss up is between Hoshiumi and Bokuto. Hoshiumi is great but like Hinata he lacks in blocking. Though he is brilliant in his allround game, his blocking level isn’t at the level of others. In defending he is clearly better than Bokuto. But for me that isn’t enough to pick him ahead of Bokuto since Bokuto isn’t that far behind him in defending.

Outside Hitters: Sakusa Kiyoomi | Kotaro Bokuto

Japan National Team Formation

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Final Thoughts

This was fun to think about and the selection is mostly based on the vague info we know about them. What do you think of the team picked here? Do you have your own set of players. Comment below. Also checkout other Haikyuu related interesting articles down below.

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